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How 'Suite' It Is! Springshare's Suite Package

LibApps LTI: Courseware Integration with your Springy Apps

What is the LibApps LTI?

LTI stands for 'Learning Tools Interoperability' and it allows you to seamlessly integrate your Springshare content and tools natively inside courseware tools like Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, Desire2Learn, Canvas, etc.

Our recently updated LTI tool allows you to offer tailored subject-specific resources inside courseware pages across hundreds or thousands of courses.

How Do I Get the LibApps LTI?

The LibApps LTI tool is included with your LibGuides CMS subscription!

What Points of Integration Does It Contain?

With the LTI Tool, you can create a Library Builder page that integrates multiple Springy Tools..natively and to scale across hundreds, or thousands, of courseware pages.

With the Springshare Suite subscription, leverage all your Springy one Library Builder Page. 

  • LibGuides CMS - Integrate subject, topic, or course-specific guides using manual or automagic matching. Using the LibGuides A-Z Tool, connect students to subject-specific databases.
  • E-Reserves (add-on LibGuides Module) - Embed course-relevant e-reserves at point-of-need. 
  • LibCal (requires separate subscription) - Encourage one-on-one research consultations and promote room bookings via integrated My Scheduler & Room Bookings components. 
  • LibAnswers (requires separate subscription) - Provide point-of-need help resources with LibAnswers FAQs and live chat reference via LibChat chat widgets.