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How 'Suite' It Is! Springshare's Suite Package

Take Your LibGuides to the Next Level

LibGuides CMS Logo

LibGuides CMS

LibGuides CMS builds upon the base LibGuides platform to provide you with even more features.

  • Groups - organize guides into groups that contain their own look & feel functionality. visually and logistically separate content.
  • Access Controls - Limit access to your system, a group of guides, or a single guide using IP Restrictions and Guide-level passwords.
  • Templating - Create an unlimited amount of templates to give unique groups of guides a distinct look & feel.
  • LTI Integration - Create a scalable Library Page natively inside courseware with relevant LibGuides, databases, Room Bookings, etc.
  • Real-time, RESTful API - pull any piece of content from your system and display it on any website using our robust API.
  • Enhanced Statistics - LibGuides CMS gives you even more information and details about how your system is being used.