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Why Subscribe to LibGuides E-Reserves Module?

Partner with Faculty & Create E-Reserve Admins

team iconEnsure Faculty 'Buy-In' & Collaboration with Co-Editing Rights

Create E-Reserve Course Editors

Create faculty editor-level accounts and assign access to their E-Reserves courses. Foster long-term relationships with faculty who will be more invested if they can manage, edit, add, and remove content from their own course. 

E-Reserves course editors

Create Dedicated E-Reserves Admins (LibGuides CMS Only)

Use LibGuides CMS granular user permissions to promote LibGuides regular account holders as E-Reserves Admins.
They will not have access to other system-wide admins areas.

E-Reserves Admins can:

  • Setup E-Reserves Settings
  • Build E-Reserves Course
  • Manage E-Reserve Requests
  • Edit all E-Reserve Items
  • Control Copyright Statuses
E-Reserves Permissions