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Why Subscribe to LibGuides E-Reserves Module?

What Can I Upload And How Can I Organize It?

plus signAdd All Types of Content, Reuse, & Organize Your E-Reserves

Multiple Content Types & Large File Limits

With secure file uploading and plenty of space, you won't have any problem uploading your E-Reserve content.

  • 20MB Max Upload size, plenty of room for articles or book chapters!
  • Upload PDFs, PowerPoints, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets and more!
  • 10GB Total Storage - Need more? Contact us for more information

Add External Content

If you can link to it, you can add it to your E-Reserves! Think about all the possibilities!

  •  Add links to database articles, Webpages or that record in your OPAC. 
  • Add an E-Reserve link for Ebooks & more! 
  • Add links to videos, audio clips & other multimedia! 

Reuse E-Reserve Items Over & Over

Reuse the same E-Reserve item across multiple courses with only a few clicks. With reused items, you can:

  • Reuse E-Reserve items via mapping or copying - you have the power.
  • Update mapped items and watch those updates cascade down to everywhere it's been reused.
  • Tag unique copyright statuses for each reused E-Reserve item.
    -- One item can be tagged with 'Pending Payment' while another is tagged as 'Processed'

Item Organization

Grouping E-Reserves items together ensures that students aren't overwhelmed with resources. Plus, organizing folders by time-line (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc...) prevents library anxiety by grouping items by point-of-need. 

  • Organize E-Reserve Items into folders!
  • Create as many folders as you'd like and customize the course structure (i.e. Week One, etc...)
e-reserves folders