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Why Subscribe to LibGuides E-Reserves Module?

Ensure Copyright Compliance With Access Controls

lockPassword-Protect, Control Visibility, & IP-Restrict E-Reserves

Password Protection

  • Course-Level Passwords - Password protect E-Reserves at the course level. All reserve content added to that course will only be accessible via password.
  • Item-Level Passwords - Password protect individual items within an E-Reserves course. Perfect for individually paid-for electronic resources.
e-reserves password

Control Visibility

Automated visibility controls ensure that course content is only accessible when you want it to be. Take the onus off of you and forget about posting reminders everywhere - automated visibility takes the hassle out of managing E-Reserves. 

Comprehensive Visibility Options:

  • Course-Level: Create 'Terms' for managing display of E-Reserve Course. With Visibility Terms, you can:
    • - Ensure consistency as only Admins can create Terms.
    • - Create customizable & reusable date ranges.
      (i.e. Fall Semester 2015, Summer Session II 2016).
    • - Students can filter E-Reserve Courses by Term.
    • - Add Terms notes so Course Editors are always informed.
E-Reserves Visibility Date Ranges
  • Folder-Level - >Show/Hide folders of content. I.e., display 'Week Four' readings during the fourth week of class. Reduce cognitive load so students only see content only when they need it. 
  • Item -Level - Restrict visibility of individual items. Perfect for copyright-paid items that have a set timeframe of accessibility. 

IP Restrictions (LibGuides CMS Only)

Limit access to your E-Reserves content by IP-Range. IP Access Restrictions, available in LibGuides CMS only, makes it easy to restrict all or part of your system. 

Secure File Storage

Uploaded documents and files are stored securely on Springy servers and can only be accessed directly from within their Course page. This ensures compliance with your purchased copyright permissions and fair use restrictions.