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Why Subscribe to LibGuides CMS?

Create a Separate Look & Feel for Each Guide

Uniquely Customize Any Guide

Guide-level CSS

With LibGuides CMS you can hone the look & feel of individual guides using guide-level CSS and JavaScript.

  • Control the look & feel of content across all pages of a Guide with CSS:
    • - Font size, color and style
    • - Customize tab & box color options
    • - Set up custom box styles
    • - Customize the look & feel of images
    • - Control the display of individual link assets, books from the catalog assets, etc. 
      • i.e. -Bold all 'database' links within a guide
    • - Add guide-specific classes/ids for faster/targeted loading of CSS
  • Embed custom Javascript files in an individual guide
    • - Add a guide-specific LibChat chat widget
    • - Embed Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter JavaScript Guide-wide

Going Green screenshotUse Cases:

  • You're building a guide on Climate Change and you want all the colors to to be in shades of green to reflect your 'Going Green' theme.
  • Liven up your Teens Reader Advisory by adding in Divergent colors and backgrounds!
  • You're embedding a LibChat widget but you only want it embedded on one guide, rather than all guides across your LibGuides system.
  • You've built a couple of callouts in your guide and given them a class of .callout. Adding the CSS that controls the look of .callout to the guide-specific CSS will target your CSS to the individual guide and declutter your system-wide CSS.