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Integrated LibWizard Lite - Collect Data & Gather Feedback

What's LibWizard Lite?

LibWizard Lite is our integrated forms & surveys builder, exclusively available to you for free, with a LibGuides CMS subscription. Create any number of forms and surveys in a snap, and embed them directly within your library website or share via widgets. 

Create an unlimited number of Surveys/Forms
Gather an Unlimited Number of Responses

Types of Surveys & Forms you Can Create:

  • Contact Forms
  • Database Feedback Forms
  • Pre/Post Instruction Feedback
  • Instruction Request
  • E-Reserves Request Form
  • Scavenger Hunt Form
  • Library Technology Feedback
  • Book Purchase Request Forms
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • Library Events Feedback
  • Departmental Request Forms
  • Interlibrary Loan Form
  • General Feedback & Comments
  • Room Usage Survey

LibWizard Features:

Many Field Type Options

From text, date and numeric fields to multiple choice and grid fields, it's easy to create forms & surveys for any and all occasions.

Build Fast with Drag & Drop

Building forms & surveys couldn't be easier with Drag & Drop, Preview Window, and in-context options, toggles, and help.

Advanced  Conditional Logic

Streamline your forms & surveys and route users through questions specific to them with conditional logic. If X, display Y.

Customization, Notification, and Rules Features:

Multiple Layout Options

Ensure a strong response rate with robust formatting options. Utilize pagination, section & page headers, line breaks, and more.

Automated Notifications

Control who gets notified of submissions with integrated rules. Use JSON rules to post results directly to a webpage!

Control Visibility & Access

Add date-range limiters, password protection, and even visibility status to control when and who submits responses.

Sharing, Data Gathering, and Reusability Features:


Embeddable Widgets

Share your forms & surveys with customizable widgets and easily add a form/survey right into your LibGuides with a dedicated asset type.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Data is meaningless without context. Use our robust reporting tools to perform analysis and garner insight. Export options give you control, period.

Reuse/Copy Content!

Reuse your own surveys/forms or a colleague's with 1-click copying. Reuse any single field and create an admin-controlled question bank of content.