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QuestionPoint Customers Migrating to LibAnswers

Who, What, Where, and How?

LibAnswers Cooperative Training Video

High-Level Overview

This session is a high-level overview of everything cooperative related in LibAnswers (chat, post-chat follow-up, and FAQs).

Chat for Cooperatives

LibChat is the gateway to synchronous communication with your patrons. Chat can be monitored by any combination of local chat departments, local co-ops, and the 24/7 co-ops. Learn how to create chat widgets, answer chats, create canned messages, and more.

Tickets for Cooperatives

A ticket represents a conversation between you and your patron - their question, your answer, and any other replies. Queues are the pipelines for managing and organizing tickets. Queues are similar to question lists in the Ask module in QuestionPoint. Each library in a cooperative has a ticket queue to manage tickets from multiple sources, such as post-chat follow-up, question form submissions, and email submissions. Learn how to set up queues, answer tickets, create macros and views, and manage your personal settings.