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QuestionPoint Customers Migrating to LibAnswers

Who, What, Where, and How?

Should I Watch Admin Sessions or Regular-Level Sessions?

These session recordings are designed for software only QuestionPoint users. Software only is a classification used by QuestionPoint to define QuestionPoint users who are not part of the Cooperative, contributing or non-contributing. 

Software only users answer their own patrons' chats and when they sign-off chat... their chat goes offline (for all intents and purposes). They are not members of the Cooperative, at all. 

If you're a non-contributing member of the Cooperative, this means you only answer your own patrons' chats. However, when your library signs off... the Cooperative steps in and answers your patrons chat when you're offline. So even though you're only answering your own patrons, you're still a member of the Cooperative and not considered Software Only

Caveat: If you are a member of the Cooperative, you are welcome to watch the recordings. However, please bear in mind that the LibAnswers Cooperative interface will look, act, and behave differently than what you see in the recordings. 

Watch the Admin-Level Sessions If You:

  • Are an admin-level user in your QuestionPoint software;
  • Are responsible for administering your QuestionPoint software;
  • Setup accounts, customize qwidgets, build email forms; 
  • Run high-level stats analysis.

Watch Admin-Level Recordings

Watch the Regular-Level Sessions If You:

  • Answer email form submissions;
  • Claim and answer chats;
  • View and utilize your QuestionPoint Knowledge base;
  • Review your chat transcripts, stats, etc.

Watch Regular-Level Recordings