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SpringyCamp Summer 2022

Adding Interactive Elements to LibGuides: Simple and Not-So-Simple Interactives Teresa Copeland, Grand Canyon University

Interactive elements are an engaging way to keep user's attention. This presentation will show how GCU has added interactive elements to guides both the simple way with LibWizard quizzes and the more advanced way with interactive SVGs. Included will be tools for working with SVGs and learning simple interactions--without needing artistic or graphic design skills.

Products Covered: LibGuides and LibWizard



Theresa CopelandTeresa Copeland - has been overseeing all Springshare apps at Grand Canyon University for the last three years. She has previously been both a school and a public librarian. You can often find her in the Springshare Lounge. With four cats, one is likely to pop up any time the webcam is on.


Grand Canyon University

  • Library Type: Academic
  • Demographic Served: Students and faculty
  • Population Size: 90K+
  • Library Staff Size: 48
  • Library Staff Model: Hybrid

Social Handles

Twitter @TeresaCopeland