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SpringyCamp Summer 2022

Organizing Instruction Session Data with LibWizard Stephanie Reeder, Illinois Valley Community College

Looking for a way to track and store instruction session data? Join this session to learn how you can use LibWizard to organize your library's instruction session requests and lesson plans. Develop a presentation request form for your library's website that automatically alerts library staff by email when a request is submitted. Once the submitted information is reviewed, the presenting librarian can use hidden fields to add notes, lesson plans, and files as the session is planned. LibWizard's analytics make it easy for librarians to quickly locate and open an entry in the future if a similar presentation is requested for the same instructor or course.

Product Covered: LibWizard



Stephanie ReederStephanie Reeder - is a Public Services Librarian from Illinois Valley Community College. She has a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin. Outside the library, she enjoys hiking, photography, and researching local history.


Illinois Valley Community College

  • Library Type: Community College
  • Demographic Served: Community college students, staff, faculty, and administrators, rural community
  • Population Size: About 3,000 (2,470 students, 306 employees, and 151 full-time and adjunct faculty )
  • Staff Size: 6 employees
  • Library Staff Model:  in-person


Social Handles

@Ivccjacobslibrary | Instagram