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SpringyCamp Summer 2022

spooky stories join the campfire fun

Get ready for some Spooky Fun and submit your own story! 

What has gone bump in the night—or broad daylight—at your organization? Send us your scariest, creepiest stories from Library Land. During the conference, selected submissions will be performed live by us with dramatic interpretation. Oo, did that just make you cringe? You must scare easily! Let’s get silly, campers.   

Use our form to send in your story by July 6, 2022

How does this work? 

  • Submit your spooky story in a few sentences, up to 2-3 paragraphs. 

  • You can decide whether to remain anonymous (you and your organization). 

  • Selected submissions will be read live or pre-recorded and screened during SpringyCamp. Stories may be edited for length, clarity and dramatic effect—tastefully, of course. 

  • Extra credit—film your story yourself! Videos should be under 2 minutes in length.

  • After the conference, stories will be posted to the Official SpringyCamp LibGuide. 

What kind of scary stories are we hoping for? 

Check out Springy Meg's spine-chilling story, and we've included some ideas to get you started below. 

Spooky Story Content warning: Includes mention of death.

Submission Ideas

Despite being SpringyCamp, your spooky stories need not have a Springshare connection, in fact, we hope nothing terribly creepy has happened using our apps! But ideally these stories will be related to libraries or your work as an information professional. Here are some ideas: 

  • Tales of tech gremlins and ghosts in the machine or software (yup, including ours... ack!) 

  • Nightmare projects or programs gone awry  

  • Legends of resident spirits – hopefully friendly, maybe not 

  • That one weird corner on the sixth floor that always gives you the creeps... and then you saw the stain... 

  • If you want to tell a story you heard from a friend of a friend, well, that’s a classic urban legend spooky story trope, and also acceptable (though please be mindful of privacy or the potential hauntings you may incur). 

  • Want to create your own story based on some facts? Go right ahead, just let us know yours is a little embellished.  

You can also submit creepy photos, with or without accompanying stories, for us to share during camp and on social media.

Submit your spooky story by July 6, 2022!