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SpringyCamp Summer 2022

What to Expect at SpringyCamp

SpringyCamp is a user conference, with a camp-like vibe that is designed to be both fun and informative. This year, we'll have two days of SpringyCamp. Sign up for one or both days!

  • Presentations represent overviews of projects that clients have done at their libraries. We do not offer training or instruction during these sessions, but attendees are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Each track runs for a set amount of time and individual presentation lengths vary; attendees are encouraged to attend an entire track rather than target a single presentation. If you wish to only attend a specific presentation, we suggest waiting for the recording. You may sign up to be notified when recordings are posted. 
  • Interaction makes camp more fun, so please participate! You can join us in the Springshare Lounge and ask questions during the Q&A portions of presentations. 
  • All sessions will have live AI transcription via
  • All presenters are volunteers and we greatly appreciate their time and effort putting together these presentations.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for trolling and rude behavior/comments.

*Please note sessions are offered at a variety of times. We know some of the times might not be ideal for your work schedule so we encourage you to watch the recordings.