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SpringyCamp Summer 2019

Using LibInsight to Reshape How We Assess Our Marketing & Outreach Efforts

In order to measure the library's positive impact on the college community, Berkeley College Library's Outreach & Marketing Committee designed an assessment workflow using a LibInsight form, which allowed them to effectively assess and analyze programming ad outreach efforts, which are aligned to the institutional goals and the library’s operational goals. Participants will learn about our library’s strategic method of reshaping our assessment processes and how they created an effective data collection form with LibInsight, all which work well for a multi-campus institution.



Bonnie Lafazan (@librarybon) is the Director of the Woodbridge Campus Library at Berkeley College. She received her MLS from Pratt Institute and her JD from the New England School of Law. Ms. Lafazan’s current focus is designing, creating and assessing creative library programming, developing outreach methods for community engagement, and utilizing the latest technologies in order to teach college students information literacy, lifelong learning and digital literacy skills.

Jessica Kiebler (@librarygeek611) is the Director of the Berkeley College White Plains Campus Library where she engages the Library with the campus community, educates students on information and digital literacy and designs outreach experiences that develop curiosity and life-long learning in students. Her interests include marketing, outreach, library programming, technology tools, information literacy instruction and student engagement.


Berkeley College

Library Type: Academic Library
Demographic Served: Berkeley College is a 4 year Associates, Bachelors and Master’s degree-granting college with 7 campuses in New York and New Jersey as well as an online campus of students around the world.  Librarians support students through both standardized and ad hoc on-site and online information literacy instruction.  Other support for students includes virtual reference through LibChat and a robust LibAnswers knowledgebase. 

Population Size: Serves over 5000 students.

Staff Size: 15 full-time library staff.