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SpringyCamp Summer 2019

Using LibCal to Create Consistent Instruction

With nearly half their student population online, it made sense to have a librarian dedicated to online services. They created a touchpoint for online students and a contact in online course development similar to the campus processes. However, despite having this resource available, they realized that library instruction and outreach were separate and unequal for the campus and online populations. This presentation will walk through how Catie Carlson and Luann Edwards leveraged LibCal to offer similar library learning opportunities and interactions to the entire whole university.



Catie Carlson is the Director of Pfeiffer Library (@0hyeahthatgirl) and has been working in academic libraries for nearly 10 years. She's passionate about instruction and outreach as well as integrating technology into those efforts. Her educational background includes an M.L.I.S. in Museum Studies and an M.Ed. in Educational Technology Management.

Luann Edwards holds a Master in Library in Information Science from Kent State University and a Master of Arts in English from National University. Throughout her career she has worked for a variety of institutions as a librarian, instructor, and tutor. She is currently the eLibrarian for Tiffin University, where she provides reference and instruction assistance to students and faculty and works closely with the instructional design team in online course development.

Twitter: @PfeifferLibrary


Tiffin University

Library Type: Academic Library

Demographic Served: First-year students through doctoral candidates enrolled in campus, distance, and online programs as well as their instructors and staff.

Population Size: Approximately 3,000 students

Staff Size: The library is staffed by 3 full-time librarians.