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SpringyCamp November 2015: R2V2

Redesigning & Reimagining w/ v2 Tools


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Jason Henderson, Oklahoma State University
Digital Archives on a Dime

Creating a Digital Archive can be expensive and very time consuming. Here we will look at how to build, host and publish a digital archive inexpensively. Using LibGuides CMS, a product we already know and love we can easily make our collections available to our users a stylish and easy to navigate interface. On the storage side of things we will see how to use the Internet Archive to store and host our collection.

Jeffrey M. Mortimore & Debra Skinner, Georgia Southern University
Take it to the eTeam: Improving ERA Troubleshooting Management & Communications w/ LibAnswers

Electronic Resource Access (ERA) troubleshooting can be time-consuming, detail-oriented work involving lots of communication, delegation, and follow-up. Without a plan, ERA troubleshooting can feel like herding cats, with your email inbox serving as the litterbox. Recently, the eTeam at Georgia Southern University adopted LibAnswers for managing the library’s ERA troubleshooting and communications. Using a dedicated eTeam queue and internal FAQ, the eTeam has seen numerous improvements to how we are managing ERA issues, including improved tracking and transfer of support requests, improved turnaround times, fewer “dropped” requests, improved communications with library personnel and patrons, and increased awareness of ERA issues and resolutions. Join us to learn about how we set up, operate, and promote the eTeam’s LibAnswers queue and internal FAQ, and how we are integrating both into existing technical services workflows. We will discuss triage, support tiers, and how we are using the internal FAQ to support new resource rollouts. Furthermore, we will look at assessment, discuss best practices, and consider opportunities for expansion.

Nikki Dettmar, Health Sciences Library, University of Washington 
Innovative Integration: LibGuides LTI Resources in Medical School Online Classes

In fall 2015 the University of Washington School of Medicine launched a new curriculum using hybrid (online and in-person) courses. The Health Sciences Library is piloting use of the new LibGuides LTI to embed electronic library resources, including required/recommended electronic textbooks, and information into the new online courses. Preliminary 2 month results show significant increases for both LibGuides and eBooks usage compared to the same time period in 2014. Come learn more about our LTI planning and design, partnership opportunities taken, and challenges we’ve overcome in this new way to integrate library resources where they’re needed for online instruction!

Kathy Clark and Joyce Pallinger, Aurora University
KnoB: A Place to Turn to for Help for Useful but Unusual Information

Remember the email you received that contained interesting, but not often used information? For example, the email detailing the trick to get the photocopier to scan documents to a flashdrive, or how to assist faculty in posting a movie file in the learning management system? Aurora University’s Phillips Library began a new initiative to improve communication among librarians to provide exemplary service to our students and faculty.We have created a hidden group in LibAnswers v2 called “Reference Services Knowledge Bank.” This group is a repository for all of that infrequently-used, but useful information. Instead of searching through old emails, digging through outdated paper files (does anyone have those anymore?), or scrambling to find that one librarian on staff who remembers what to do, you can create a bank of information that is easily accessible to the library staff.

Cathay Keough, Delaware Reference Services
Using LibAnswers for Statewide Reference

Ask a Librarian Delaware is a statewide reference service, shared among public, academic, school and special libraries across the state. The service provides options for Delaware’s patrons and students on a statewide as well as local levels so that questions that are library-specific can be addressed where the patron is (online). Ask a Librarian Delaware offers chat, email and SMS texting, with FAQs as a way to round out options for providing relevant information and help. This webinar will describe how our collaborative service moved from one software platform to another and how we have organized the processes for managing tickets.