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SpringyCamp November 2015: R2V2

Redesigning & Reimagining w/ v2 Tools


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Jeremy Darrington, Princeton University Library
Taming the Beast: Tech tools for improving the navigation of content-heavy guides

They go by many names, but we’ve all seen them (perhaps you’ve even created one!)—megaguides…supersized guides…the guide that ate New York…you know, guides with 3, 4, even 5 (or more!) rows of tabs or guides so chock full of content that we resort to tiny fonts or 4 column layouts to fit it all in. In this presentation, I’ll show you two alternate solutions that I crafted to help authors at Princeton University Library tame their unruly guides. The Page Organizing Script automatically generates a clickable table of contents that hides all but the selected content box, allowing authors to keep all their content in a single guide but without overwhelming users. Even better, it can automatically clean up a single tab or all the pages of a guide—your choice! Alternately, using sidenav templates for your guides helps with user navigation, but if you have more than a couple of content boxes, users quickly scroll past the left navigation, leaving them lost in a sea of content. With a few simple tweaks, you can modify your guide templates to take advantage of a feature in Bootstrap to make the left nav sticky, so that users will always know where on your guide they are.

Jeremy Hall, University of North Florida
LibGuides CMS and Customizations

Are you getting the most out of your Springshare applications? Integrating LibAnswers, LibChat, LibCal, and LibGuides into a cohesive Library homepage is easy on you and easier on your users! Learn how to use custom page layouts in LibGuides to build an official (or unofficial!) homepage for you library. With a just a basic understanding of the Bootstrap grid system, a little HTML/CSS, and a collection of easy to build Springshare widgets, you can build a LibGuides homepage that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Jennifer Freer & Lara Nicosia, Rochester Institute of Technology
Re-Imagining LibGuides at RIT

This is the story of how an unanticipated change turned into a great opportunity. Faced with Springshare’s transition to the new V2 system, the Rochester Institute of Technology Libraries took the opportunity to re-examine and re-imagine their LibGuides. The decision was made to start from the ground up instead of transitioning the old system. The result was InfoGuides: a customized guide platform with less subject headings, a visual home page, a dynamic Get Help feature, separate research guide and Summon search boxes, an attempt at standardized content, and separate design/sites for the global campuses. We will share how the new InfoGuides came about: the choice not to migrate, the examination of other V2 sites, usability testing of subject headings, staff training and how the API was leveraged to create a dynamic and customized site.