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Getting Ready for SpringyCamp 2020

Ready, Set, Go!

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Are you ready to head off to Camp?

Take a look at our Camp Packing List for everything you'll need to make this the best SpringyCamp yet!


**All presentations will be recorded and available after Camp, so no worries if you have to go tend to a screaming camper who's gotten lost in the woods. We've got you covered! 


  • Headphones or earbuds for uninterrupted listening of camp content. Especially helpful if you have little furry or human campers running around loudly singing camp songs!
  • Favorite pen and paper (or note taking app) for recording notes, ideas, camp doodles, or that to-do list that won't get out of your brain.
  • Colored Pencils and Crayons! We've got adult coloring pages for those of you who like to doodle in meetings and's okay to admit it.  We all do it. Though, we plan to keep you so engaged that you will be doing your coloring after camp! 
    **We also have coloring pages for those little campers you might be wrangling during camp. ;)


  • Summer snacks and drinks! Be sure to have your favorite snacks and beverage: coffee, tea, or other quarantine drink (no judging here!) close by so you don't miss a minute of camp fun! 
  • If you are looking for food and drink ideas, look no further than our Camp Activities. :) We have a drink recipe and an easy home bake that will be sure to make your camp experience super sweet!

Campsite Extras

These extras aren't a must, but we promise they will help make your camp time memorable!

  • A smartphone for taking camp selfies!   Be sure to send us photos of your camp setup on Facebook and Twitter! #springycamp
  • Comfy camp chair to settle in and get comfortable with; maybe even grab your favorite blanket or sweater.  Things are crazy right now and we want to help you relax, as well as learn something new with your Springy pals! 
  • A camp video recording for camp sounds and campfire views
  • Your login information for the all new Springshare Lounge!  The Lounge will serve as the SpringyCamp Lodge this year, with ways to interact, discuss, and chat about all things Springy!  Check out the Camp Lodge tab for more info!