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Getting Ready for SpringyCamp 2020

Meet Us At the Lodge!

cabin iconWe've opened up a Camp Lodge... 


The Camp Lodge is none other than the all NEW Springshare Lounge! The Springshare Lounge has been revamped and is an all new forum just for Springshare users. It's your place to share ideas, ask about best practices and workflows, and learn from your fellow librarians.


  • Before Camp: Create a Lounge Account. Once your account is approved, browse discussions and begin participating.
  • During Camp: Join us in the Lounge's dedicated SpringyCamp 2020 area to find follow up questions and discussions about each presentation, or browse the Lounge for discussions by product, such as LibGuides or LibAnswers. Be on the lookout for badges you can earn as an active camper. ;)
  • After Camp: Head back to the Springshare Lounge to continue the discussion! Or branch out and start new discussions on other topics.

Don't be shy! If your question hasn't been asked yet, start a new discussion. 

Welcome to the Conversation!