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SpringyCamp Summer Series 2017

Three Days of Camp! July 11th, August 8th & September 12th.

The Road Less Traveled

Ken Profile ImageKen Winter, Virginia Department of Transportation

Ken has a Master of Library and Information Studies from UNC-Greensboro and a BA in English from North Carolina State University. In a past life he was a writer, editor and desktop publisher. He has worked in all types of academic libraries. Since 2002 he has worked for VDOT’s research library, located on the grounds of the University of Virginia. However, since 2009 he has been 100% virtual, working full-time from Nebraska, then Maryland, and most recently from Texas. 

Program Description:

When Virginia’s largest state agency, the Virginia Department of Transportation, explored LibGuides in 2015 we realized we could use LibGuides CMS as a “Whole Site” and we never looked back. We are attached to VDOT’s research arm, where we support post-doctoral researchers in transportation and faculty and grad students from the University of Virginia and other state universities, not to mention thousands of VDOT employees in the field. So many stakeholders and we were stuck with an overly governed and internal SharePoint instance as our key presence. Today we use LibAnswers with LibChat as a relationship management tool to track customer interactions with an intuitive dashboard and simple analytics. We use LibWizard for feedback via forms and surveys. Not to mention LibGuides. With Springshare all our content is optimized for discovery through Google and other search engines, which makes our invisible library is visible! We’re also mobile friendly thanks to Bootstrap integrations, and the benefit of that is it helps us serve real customers regardless of their location or device. With Springshare our small, mostly virtual library provides access to services and collections for customers who will probably never visit us in person. With modest HTML skills and no knowledge of CSS or Bootstrap, in past 18 months we’ve been able to roll out a public Web presence without support from our IT department. The site is ADA compliant and integrates seamlessly with our other systems (Catalog, EZproxy, Federated Search), and staff building guides can focus on content and message without having to know how to code.


Creating LearningForce

Sara's profileSara Marks, Instruction & Outreach Librarian, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Sara is the Instruction and Outreach Librarian at UMass Lowell.  She supports the research needs of the social science and humanity faculty and student.  This includes managing the educational content for online delivery through the LearningForce.

Program Description:

Imagine if every class on campus has its own LibGuide.  The library at UMass Lowell has been working toward doing just that since January 2017.  Thanks to a grant from the Davis Foundation, we have been able to focus our efforts on building LearningForce guides that compliment Blackboard by adding Open Text sources, class readings through reserves, information literacy & demo videos, direct linking to databases for assignments, FAQ, reference support, and direct contact with the students to provide reminders or suggestions.  The goal is to increase the library’s roll in student success and strengthening our role as faculty partners.  Sara will show you example of what makes LearningForce guides different from traditional class guides.  She will also share how the UMass Lowell Library has used LibGuides with Omeka to develop our Paul Tsongas digital archive.


How to Share Your Springshare Toys Beyond the Library and Play Nice

Lisa profileLisa Raymond is the Director of Content Management in the Center for Academic Excellence, Walden University

After six years at the Walden Library as Reference Manager and Associate Director, Lisa has moved into a system administration and content management role, supporting Walden’s academic centers and units.  

Heather profile

Heather Westerlund is Associate Director of IT, Collections, & Innovation, Walden University

Heather stumbled into libraries and IT while working in the arts for over 7 years, after discovering a weird affinity for information systems. This creative energy and systems thinking is channeled daily into making libraries work better for users. 

Program Description:

From its inception, Walden University Library has been a technology leader at our institution, eager to try new systems and approaches that could benefit our students, faculty, and staff. Other centers and departments within the University eventually took notice of how the Library was using LibApps to provide instruction to students, and they wanted in too. Today, we share our LibApps system with 16 departments at Walden, operating a University-wide FAQ system and 36 independent websites and intranets. The coexistence that we enjoy in a single system is only possible thanks to collaboratively developed policies and standards that we all adhere to. We’ll demonstrate how we make this work on the backend (no magic involved!) focusing on LibGuides and LibAnswers, and the benefits it provides both internally and externally to our staff and students


Integrating LibChat into Database Platforms

profile imageAdrienne Warner, Reference and Information Services Coordinator, University of New Mexico

Adrienne enjoys working with colleagues to identify new and refine existing modes of virtual service delivery.

Brett Nafziger, Library Info Specialist 3, University of New Mexico

Brett specializes in digital bridge-building through coding, web design and a mindset of continuous improvement. He is interested in improving human-computer interaction as well as instructional design and human learning.

Program Description:

Collaborating with EBSCO and Gale tech teams, University of New Mexico librarians embedded proactive, slide-out LibChat widgets in subscription database platforms. We discuss the project process from idea germination to implementation, and provide analysis of how in-database LibChat interactions facilitate high-level learning experiences.



Integrating LibGuides & LibAnswers Into the Course Curriculum

Shenise profile image​Shenise McGhee, Associate Librarian, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Shenise has been in academic librarianship for 9 years and enjoys working in reference and instruction. Her focus has been on how best to utilize the various digital and resources necessary to fulfill the diverse needs of the university.

Program Description:

This will be a demonstration of the who, what, and why of how University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff uses LibGuides CMS and LibAnswers v2 in their information literacy sessions, library assessments and for marketing library services. Shenise actively collaborates with faculty and students to create subject guides for classroom instruction and develop research guides to help improve academic success in their program of study.




Slide for presentation

Because of a technical issues, Shenise's presentation recording is not available. Please download the slides above.