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SpringyCamp Summer 2020

Creating Community: A Guide to Curating Community LibGuides

Community LibGuides Naturally & Juneteenth

This presentation will provide strategies and best practices for curating community LibGuides. These are guides that are not tied directly to a particular course or specific academic library resource, but instead encourage exploration, while supporting amplification of IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) resources.


  1. Naturally: Black Hair Journeys & Stories LibGuide
  2. Juneteenth: A Weeklong Celebration LibGuide
  3. Native American Heritage Month LibGuide
  4. TriCo Best Practices for Creating LibGuides

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Lorin Jackson (pronouns: she/them) is originally from New York City and currently lives in Philadelphia. They work as a Research + Instruction Resident Librarian, as well as the Black Studies Librarian, at Swarthmore College. Before becoming an academic librarian, Lorin worked with under-served youth in the non-profit and educational sector for a decade. During this time, they held positions as a teacher and Program Associate in after-school youth development programs in the Bay Area. In her spare time, Lorin likes to read, listen to podcasts, DJ, dance, craft, and garden.

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Naja Smith (pronouns: she/her) is a recent graduate of Swarthmore College with a B.A in Sociology/Anthropology and minors in Biology and Psychology. While at Swarthmore, Naja worked as a Research and Information Associate(RIA) and collaborated with Lorin on multiple projects to celebrate different cultures and heritages through LibGuides and pop up displays. In addition to being an RIA, Naja was also the Chairperson of The Movie Committee, a Resident Assistant, and a First-Gen/Low Income intern, essentially getting paid to partake in her interests and passions. After graduation, Naja recently took on a summer job as a college guidance coordinator and in the fall, she will be joining Google as a Human Resources Associate.

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Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania

Library Type: Academic Library
Demographic Served: Undergraduate students, Swarthmore faculty, staff, community members
Population Size: ~1600 undergraduate students
Staff Size: 501 - 1000 over all staff memeber

Twitter & Instagram: @swatlibrary | Twitter: @lorinland