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SpringyCamp Summer 2020

LibGuides Beyond the Library

One of the issues in managing information in schools is making things easy to find and visual. Traditionally LibGuides have been used to create a link between the physical and virtual library and to curate content for subject courses. Sharing an office with our MYP Curriculum Coordinator (MYP - Middle Years Program serving grades 6-10) led to expanding the use to curriculum, teaching, and learning content as well. With the closure of schools due to Covid-19 in February 2020 in China, our LibGuides became the first port of entry for teachers, students and parents with How-to's and FAQs not only for our own community but also internationally as more and more schools moved to online learning. With a little training, guides could be adapted for our PYP exhibition by one of our special needs teachers in the Elementary school and the deluge of information on online learning could be carefully curated in one place. 

Nadine's LibGuides URL:

MYP (Grades 6-10) Coordination at Western Academy of Bejing, including parent communications

Factfulness, Global Ignorance & Data-Informed Inquiry

Creating Cultures Of Thinking (Project Zero)

Product Covered: LibGuides | LibWizard


Nadine Bailey is the Middle School Teacher Librarian and Technology Integrator at Western Academy of Beijing. She's a bit of a LibGuides evangelist and likes converting her colleagues to its merits as an open flexible platform for curation. She's given training to fellow librarians and educators on making LibGuides attractive to K-12 students. @intlNadine

Stephen Taylor is the Director of Innovation in Learning & Teaching at the Western Academy of Beijing. A recent convert to LibGuides, Stephen uses them to centralize and curate useful information for program coordination and communication around school initiatives. He loves how it can be recycled and adapted and connected to other platforms. He appreciates how LibGuides can connect schools and have the potential to place library and tech integration at the heart of high-quality inquiry learning. 


Western Academy of Beijing

  • Library Type: K-12 (but I'm in the Middle school)
  • Demographic Served: Middle school 10-14 year olds (plus teachers, parents etc) but help with PYP / parent / teacher / tech guides
  • Population Size: 370 students in Middle School about 1300 in the whole school
  • Staff Size: 360