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SpringyCamp Summer 2020

Lessons Learned from Moving to LibGuides and LibCal

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Poster Session

Dickinson Public Library migrated to LibGuides and LibCal in 2019 after its current system couldn’t grow anymore. The IT/Youth Librarian will discuss lessons they learned, their plan, and what prompted them to choose LibGuides and LibCal.

Product Covered: LibGuides | LibCal


Sam Torrez is the IT/Youth Librarian at the Dickinson Public Library since 2016. He is in charge of monitoring library technologies and Young Adult collections and programs. Among other duties, Sam is in charge of the library website, which given his knowledge of the web, makes him the right person to manage the site. Sam is currently working toward his master's in Library Sciences and is an avid reader of science fiction.


Dickinson Public Library

Library Type: Public Library

Demographic Served: The Dickinson Community

Population Size: 23,614

Library Staff Size: 7 staff members

Plan for Fall 2020: 

Facebook: /DickinsonPublicLibrary | Instagram @dickinsonpubliclibrary