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SpringyCamp Summer 2021

4 Unique Tracks!


Next level LibGuides: Design, Templates and Training
Kat Cain and Danielle Johnson, Deakin University (AU)

Interested in Deakin University Library’s LibGuides journey towards excellence in both digital and learning experience design? Having developed a high-level look, feel and learning experience within our instance of LibGuides, our presentation will unpack the design journey involved.  

The work involves not just systems and coding but is grounded in the needs of both end-users (students and academics) and Librarian content developers and curators. We plan to share our initial design problem, a template development process, and the deliverables that ensued. We will also delve into the people part of this journey; the socialisation and skill building involved with rolling out new templates and ways of working within the LibGuides platform.  

Product Covered: LibGuides


Kat Cain has a broad background in both academic and public library sectors but has had an underpinning work focus on literacies. A driving interest for Kat is how technologies impact on people and people shape technology in turn. A central element of Kat’s work is researching the intersection of digital literacy capabilities with study, work, and life contexts. In her current role within Deakin Library as a Digital Literacy Programs Manager, Kat is tasked with identifying and leading innovative digital teaching and learning initiatives for the Library division.  The exploratory and inherently collaborative nature of Kat’s role is a good fit for her preferred work style. |

Danielle Johnson has worked in academic institutions since 2000, in a variety of library and IT roles, including library reference/IT help desk coordination, information literacy skills and digital library products and platforms instruction, library and university website coordination, analyst and IT web project manager roles. She completed her Masters degree in information and knowledge management in 2012. As Manager Digital Experience for Deakin University Library, Danielle leads a multi-talented team engaged in UX research and testing, digital content management, experience design and front-end development, applications and integrations, and emerging technologies. In her role, Danielle actively seeks opportunities to deliver digital experiences that extend Deakin’s reputation as a driver of leading-edge innovation. At the same time, she has a keen eye on delivering practical, continuous improvement to today’s library experience challenges.


Deakin University, Australia

Library Type: Academic Library

Demographic Served: Undergraduate/Postgraduate students, Higher Degree Research Students, Academic and Research staff across four main areas: Arts/Education, Business/Law, Health, and Science/Engineering/Built Environment.

Population Size: approx. 62,000 FTE

Library Staff Size: ~150

Institutional Insta: /deakinlibrary