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SpringyCamp Summer 2021

4 Unique Tracks!

Using a Design System to Reimagine Events in LibCal
Maura Ferrarini, Harvard University

In Spring 2021, Harvard Library changed its main event management system from Drupal to LibCal. Using an Agile-inspired approach, we redesigned how calendars and events look in our LibCal instance, bringing them in line with Harvard Library’s digital branding and creating a more seamless library experience for our users.

Come learn how Harvard Library is using a design system to build out its digital brand in Springshare products like LibCal. This presentation will walk through:

  • Why we chose to use LibCal for our calendars and events
  • What Harvard Library’s design system looks like
  • How the design patterns have been adapted to the Springshare platform through custom code and templates

Leave with inspiration and ideas of how you can use design systems in your own Springshare instances.

screenshot Harvard Library LibCal

Product Covered: LibCal

Maura Ferrarini is the user experience developer for Harvard Library. Her primary role is to create a seamless front-end experience for our users as they navigate across Harvard Library’s many websites and search tools. She also works closely with Harvard Library’s design system which aims to align with both the Library's user experience and digital accessibility priorities.


Havard University

Library Type: Academic

Demographic Served: Students, faculty and visiting researchers.

Population Size: 

Library Staff Size:  more than 700 staff across 28 libraries

Plan for Fall 2021: In-person instruction


Twitter: @HarvardLibrary | Facebook: @theHarvardLibrary