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SpringyCamp Summer 2021

4 Unique Tracks!

Searching For Evidence in the Health Professions: Creating a Robust Guide That Meets the Needs of Users

Carrie Price, Towson University

After coming to the Albert S. Cook Library in August of 2020, in the midst of a pandemic (and incidentally, just after the 2020 SpringyCamp) Carrie hit the ground running and started making subject guides for most of her departments in the College of Health Professions. Out of this content sprung her "Searching for Evidence in the Health Professions" guide. Using it like a module for courses, this guide helps the user streamline the searching process through a research inquiry framework. Each page includes an assessment quiz so users can test their knowledge, and contains corresponding documentation presented in different formats, in keeping with UDL principles. In this way, a user can test their knowledge and complete an effective search on their own. The guide employs the use of Bootstrap, FontAwesome, and embedded media. It has been one of her most popular guides so far.

Townson LibGuide

Product Covered: LibGuides

Carrie Price is a Health Professions Librarian at Towson University's Albert S. Cook Library. She has also spent time as a clinical medical librarian at the Johns Hopkins University/Medical Institutions' Welch Medical Library. Carrie has strong interests in user-centered and instructional design, evidence-based medicine, and interprofessional education. She is an avid Tweeter at @carrieprice78.


Towson University

  • Library Type: Public University
  • Demographic Served: Urban/Suburban Students and Faculty
  • Population Size: 22K students
  • Library Staff Size: 50
  • Plan for Fall 2021 both course if any and library instruction: in-person