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"The communication of Springshare is unsurpassed..."

Deirdre Kirmis, Arizona State University

Web Application Developer

I've worked with a LOT of vendors, and have never received the level of personal support that has come from Springshare. Their response time on support questions is amazing...I never wait more than an hour to hear back on a question. I've even had the president of the company, "Chief Springy", respond back on a few! The communication of SpringShare is unsurpassed, as they are constantly providing blogs, tweets, emails, and other site communications of updates, events, and statuses. Not to mention their outstanding products, which are specific and relevant to library requirements. Thank you for your continued resolve to provide outstanding applications and communication, Springshare!

"LibStaffer is a phenomenal product..."

Tracy Sutherland, Eastern Connecticut State University Library

Access Services Librarian

Personally I think it is incredible and am so happy to be able to email individuals their work schedules or a group of folks their schedules with such ease. I have 5 full time staff and 3 part time staff and keeping their time off in order would not be as easy without this software.
The students…. I think really love it too because they can drop shifts and swap shifts seamlessly where they never could before, without a phone call, texts or several emails.
The staff like being able to get the email alerts when a shift is dropped and know why the student didn’t show or then adjust the desk schedule to make up for the absence.

"Springshare’s LibAnswers team consistently exemplifies customer service excellence..."

Cathay Keough, Delaware Division of Libraries

Statewide Coordinator, Reference Services

LibAnswers provides a responsive, intuitive product that is flexible on many levels. Because flexibility is essential to adapting a question-answering product to meet unique needs of each library’s reference and public services locally as well as (for Delaware) statewide, it also provides a landscape in which to create. Springshare’s LibAnswers team consistently exemplifies customer service excellence and professionalism, and often mixed in with just the right amount of playful humor. Whenever I need to ask if something is possible or how to adapt a function, I delight in how quickly and efficiently the team responds. “I’m feeling…. Excited!

"...Springshare customer support is like a breath of fresh air."

Rachel Langlois, New Hanover County Public Library

Virtual Services Librarian

Springshare has given New Hanover County Public Library ‘phenomenal cosmic powers…with itty bitty living space’. Like the genie in a bottle, our virtual branch is wrapped in such a tight performance package of sheer awesomeness, other county departments want to know where we get our secret powers. If that were not enough, Springshare customer support is like a breath of fresh air. They never let us down. We tend to think of them like having Batman’s utility belt ;) What will they come up with next?!

"There isn't anything I don't love about LibApps and Springshare!"

Gianna Gifford, Boston Public Library

Chief of Adult Library Services

There isn’t anything I DON’T love about LibApps and Springshare! The staff is super friendly, enthusiastic, patient, smart, and creative. The LibGuides platform has transformed our reference service here at the Boston Public Library. The ability to create content-rich, online research guides has allowed our staff to share their expertise with each other and with our patrons, both in person and remotely. We are about to launch LibStaffer as well – finally a scheduling software that is easy to use, accessible electronically, and flexible enough to use at our complex institution.

"I I don't know how I would be a librarian without LibGuides anymore!"

Tina Ulrich, Northwestern Michigan College

Director of Library Services

I use LibGuides for so many important projects. I don't know how I would be a librarian without them anymore!

"You truly have the best customer support of any vendor I have ever worked with."

Jessie Riggins, Tampa Bay Library Consortium

Former Member Services Coordinator

The customer support for our migration to the Springshare platform for the Statewide Virtual Reference program in Florida has been incredible. With over 130 participating libraries and over 1,200 active librarians your support has been exceptional.

We have experienced lightning fast response times, meticulously detailed training and Springshare has made every effort to have our requests completed in the most timely fashion possible. You truly have the best customer support of any vendor I have ever worked with. Thank you for that.

Jessie Riggins

"...I have never experienced the level of customer service I now enjoy with Springshare."

Sharon Webster, RILINK Schools: Rhode Island Library Information Network for Kids

RILINK Professional Development/Technology Support Specialist

During my 39 years of experience in the field of education, I have never experienced the level of customer service I now enjoy with Springshare. Whether I have a need for assistance with our account or a technical question for support, I am always sure I will receive a speedy and professional response. Springshare is certainly a cut above in this area.

"Springshare is a key tool in our student support mission..."

Rhonda Kitchens, State College of Florida: Manatee-Sarasota

Digital Presence Librarian

Springshare is a key tool in our student support mission of "just in time" services to on and off campus students. We also need to reach returning students and students of varying learning styles. It has also become key in collaborating with Faculty who just don't want to send students off to another link, but align with the context, style and learning objectives of assignments and courses. It has created a thriving, agile collaborative environment. Student feedback often includes, "thank you for building us our own page."

"LibGuides is one of the most flexible platforms I use."

Trevor Calvert, Marin Academy

Library Director

LibGuides is one of the most flexible platforms I use. Not only can it do almost anything, the interface is so intuitive that anyone can skillfully use it. I’ve taught many folks at my school how to use LibGuides for their course-pages, project descriptions, photo galleries, and more! Plus working with the folks at Springshare is always a pleasure!

"Providing LibGuides, LibCal, etc... is one of the best decisions I ever made."

Francis Kuykendall, South Arkansas Community College

Library Director

Students, faculty, administrators, and the library staff rave about LibGuides, LibCal, LibAnswers, and LibAnalytics. Why? Because access to the library resources and library instruction has never been easier.

LibCal allows students and faculty quickly see library space and librarian availability and easily schedule research seminars and class orientations, no more playing phone or email tag.

To describe the Springshare staff, support, training, and products, I need an A-Z list. The list would include: awesome, encouraging, helpful, innovative, patient, professional, supportive, and the list goes on. Providing LibGuides, LibCal, LibAnswers, and LibAnalytics to our students, faculty, administration, and library staff is one of the best decisions I ever made. The willingness of the Springshare community to help and share is unheard of with other products.

"LibGuides makes it straight-forward to create and manage their own content..."

Alex Armstrong, DEREE - The American College of Greece (ACG)

E-Resource/Reference Assistant

For the non-technical folk, LibGuides makes it straight-forward to create and manage their own content. Yet there's enough flexibility for the techier user to do a lot more than just subject guides. This dual nature has transformed the way we build things on the web.

"Springshare is my best ally in the fight against website ennui."

Joli McClelland, Queens University of Charlotte

Instructional Design Librarian

Springshare is a phenomenal company with products and people that can’t be beat. With LibGuides CMS and LibCal we have everything we need – an amazing website, updated and organized library guides, calendars for our hours and events, and more forms and feedback than we could ever use.

As a librarian and reluctant developer, Springshare is my best ally in the fight against website ennui. If I need to build it, the developers at Springshare make it happen. Plus any suggestions I have for additional functionality are immediately accepted and produced. Springshare is, in a word, impeccable.

All of Springshare’s products are intuitive and easy-to-use. Librarians and library staff alike can design, create, and share resources that are attractive and patron-friendly. If your library has a need, Springshare has already anticipated it, built the perfect product for it, and will work with you side-by-side to make the magic happen.

"The Springshare products are easy to customize..."

Rob Nunez

Rob Nunez, Marquette University

Emerging Technologies Librarian

The Springshare products are easy to customize and provide a set of features that make it simple to do so. Our experience with the support and development team has been one of ease and enjoyment.

"I love LibGuides. It gives us a simple, customizable framework..."

Jason Puckett, Georgia State University

Librarian for Communication & Virtual Services

I love LibGuides. It gives us a simple, customizable framework to build our research guides that doesn't take an experienced web designer to use. It makes it easy and efficient to build new guides and update old ones, and it's easy to train new librarians and staff to use.

"LibAnswers has been our answer to virtual reference."

Gabe Gossett, Western Washington University

Academic Librarian

LibAnswers has been our answer to virtual reference. In the past we had virtual reference services scattered through different systems. Having LibAnswers makes it easy by putting them all one place. Even better, it allows us to collect and analyze real data on all our reference services to inform decision-making.

Western Washington University Library subscribes to LibAnswersLibGuides CMSLibCal, and LibAnalytics. 

" LibGuides offers a flexible and growing number of tools as well as a rich community..."

Alyson Williams, Inter-American Development Bank

VCP & VPP Subject Librarian
Reference Librarian

The LibGuides platform has allowed us as specialist librarians to easily and quickly develop tailored information portals in close dialogue with our clients. LibGuides offers a flexible and growing number of tools as well as a rich community of users that help us improve the usability of our guides for our clients.

"The user data has made assessment easier..."

Cori Strickler, Bridgewater University

Information Literacy Librarian

LibGuides allowed us to take control over our web content, so we can quickly update and add content. The new Assests tool has been great! It saves me time when I need to update links for databases or other resources. The systems are easy to implement and the support staff is great! Plus, the user data that both LibGuides and LibAnswers allow us to collect has made assessment easier and given us concrete numbers to show our administration concerning library usage.