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June 2015

On the Docket: Check-out LibGuides E-Reserves Request Form

E-Reserves Request FormDoes this process sound familiar?

A faculty member swings by the library wanting to put a whole bunch of items on reserve. You grab the printed sheets, pass them along and they manually complete the reserves request form. 

You gather those forms and import the E-Reserves requests into your system, one-by-one.

Bottom-line: It's a lot of manual work for everyone.

Is there a better way?

Using LibGuides E-Reserves Module's New Integrated Request Form

Post your E-Reserves request form for your faculty and their administrative partners to access online so they can easily send you the info you need to populate your system.

It's Mobile-First!

Faculty can submit e-reserve requests right from their tablet or smartphone. Easy-peasy, right?

E-Reserves Copyright StatementCreate an Acceptable Use Statement

Create your own use statement that faculty must check before submitting the form - agreeing that the items they've submitted are copyright compliant. 

Add Email Notifications

Need to be alerted when a form is submitted? Select as many LibGuides accounts for notification as needed.

Submitting an E-Reserves Request - Faculty Process

Faculty access your E-Reserves request form and follow these steps. They won't feel overwhelmed as each next step is only revealed after the previous step is complete. This ensures a high-submission rate. 

E-Reserves FormStep 1: Personal Info

Name & Email - if they're submitting multiple e-reserve requests, they'll only have to fill out this section once.

Step 2: Course Info

A dropdown of your existing courses appear for selection. If the course doesn't already exist, faculty can input course information. They'll only have to fill out this section once if submitting multiple e-reserve items to the same course.

Step 3: Item Info - Relevant Info Only

Faculty select the item type (book/ebook/chapter, media, article, website) and only the relevant information for that type will display.

Step 4: Agree & Submit (again, and again, and again)

Faculty must comply with your use statement to submit. If they have multiple items per course, they can submit subsequent items over and over again until they're done!

Other Really Cool Features

  • Collaborate with Faculty: Work hand-in-hand with faculty and add them as course editors so they can manage their own e-reserve courses.
  • Manage Copyright Status: Tag e-reserve items with your customizable list of copyright statuses. Then filter and run reports on  statuses so you'll always see items that need their copyright status renewed, updated, etc.
  • Reuse E-Reserve Items: One e-reserve item, many courses? Simply reuse items across courses for a streamlined workflow process. 
  • Statistics: As always, you'll get stats on courses and items for your year-end reporting.