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SpringyNews: Inspired Instruction

September 2015

Put the 'Active' in Interactive Learning

Teaching librarians are always cooking up ways to mix things up during a workshop or instruction session.

These activities are just the ticket. Use them to encourage initial and continued contact with the library, promote active learning, address multiple intelligences, and foster an environment for feedback! 

It's a win-win for all!

These activities can be used by all library types.

Using LibAnswers SMS Keywords in Instruction

Use LibAnswers Automatic Keyword responses to assign questions to patrons and have them text in their answers for anonymous assessment!

What are SMS Automatic Keywords?

LibAnswers SMS Automatic Keywords allow you to create a unique keyword and reply pair. When users text that keyword to your SMS number, your predefined reply is automatically texted back to the user.

Create as many keywords as you'd like by logging into your LibAnswers system and navigating to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue > SMS > Automatic SMS Keywords

Classroom Organization:

  •  assign all users the same keyword or;
  • divide the classroom into groups, assigning each group a different SMS keyword.

Springy Tech Tip Video:

SMS Keyword
Classroom Activities

Trying to figure out ways to use SMS Keywords? Here are some suggestions!

  • 'ebooks' - Which library database has downloadable ebooks right to your ereader/kindle/nook?
  • 'database' - Which library resource would you use to find scholarly articles on health & wellness research?
  • 'resume' - When writing your resume, which computer application should you use?
  • 'genealogy' - Which library resources are perfect for doing in-depth genealogy research?

Create an SMS Scavenger Hunt

Want to get users up and moving around the library and learning about the space? Consider doing an SMS Scavenger Hunt as a Library Tour!

Here's How:

  • Give everyone the same SMS keyword and have them text in their keyword to your SMS number.
  • The automatic response will give them their first clue > and they're off and running.
  • Once they figure out the answer and navigate to that area of the library, they'll receive their second SMS keyword to text in for their next clue!
  • They'll continue on the SMS Scavenger Hunt until they're done!
SMS scavenger hunt

Foster Idea Sharing!

Have you ever been in the middle of class, begging your users to share ideas or give feedback on library resources? And what do  you get in response? That's right, crickets.

Bottom-line, patrons have a hard time sharing their ideas, on-demand, in front of you and their peers.

Make it easier for them, and you, by using the Systems & Services Management Tool in LibAnswers. 

Here's How It Works

1. Inside LibAnswers, add your various systems and services to the Systems & Services Management Tool. Setup instructions are available here

Here are some sample systems your library might have:

  • Library Catalog
  • Article Databases
  • Library Website
  • Genealogy Databases
  • Streaming Media
  • eBook Databases
  • Streaming Audio
  • Library Blog
  • Inter-Library Loan

2. During the instruction session, have users interact with various library resources.

3. At the end of the session, have patrons navigate to your Systems & Services Dashboard.

4. Ask them to share one idea concerning a resource you covered or to vote on an existing patron-submitted idea.

5. Voila! You've just gathered user feedback and mined the collective wisdom of your user demographic in one fell swoop. 

Systems & Services Management Tool