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SpringyNews: Inspired Instruction

September 2015

Call For Presenters - SpringyCamp Virtual Conference, Nov 2015

R2V2: Redesigning & Reimagining with v2 Tools

How are you using Springshare v2 Tools to:

  • Redesign/Reimagine your Library website?
  • Capture user experience?
  • Reach out to users in new & innovative ways?
  • Streamline workflows and increase efficiency?
  • Assess library success & learning?
  • Create cool customizations?
  • Improve internal/staff communication?
  • Save time and money?
  • Consolidate virtual touchpoints?
  • Meet user needs?

Program Level: Designed for all Audiences

Topical Ideas (Get Your Brain Firing!):

  • LibGuides CMS v2: Redesigning the Library Website.
  • LibGuides CMS  v2: Using CMS Groups to store & display archives.
  • LibCal v2 & LibStaffer v2: Scheduling & Staffing Library Instruction.
  • LibInsight: 
    • - Analyzing Library Big Data.
    • - Assessment! Using LibAnalytics to access learning & library success.
  • LibSurveys & LibGuides v2: Organizing your conference information & registration.
  • LibAnswers v2: Creating a staff intranet with internal FAQs.

Have we missed something? Share your Lightbulb moment!

Submissions have been closed. Check back soon to see the schedule of presenters.