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SpringyNews: Inspired Instruction

September 2015

Instruction Statistics From Pre to Post

Identify User Knowledge - Pre-Instruction Survey

Pre-Instruction Assessment is critical to the success of a session. Identifying who they are, what they need, and their level of experience helps teaching librarians deliver a successful session.

  • Are they savvy library users, or novices?
  • Have they been to the library before, or is this their first time?
  • Are they experts or noobs at navigating library resources?

Answer these questions by creating a Pre-instruction Survey:

  • Public Libraries: Email survey to attendees when they register.
  • Academic/School Libraries: Email the link to their teacher and embed it in their LMS (Blackboard / Canvas / Moodle / Sakai).

Why LibInsight?

  • Store all library data, yes all of it, in one mobile-accessible website.
  • Compare pre-instruction surveys with post-instruction assessment to demonstrate learning.
  • Build end-of-year instruction reports and 'publish' them on your website.
  • All Play: Give users 5 minutes before the session to fill out the form and then run real-time reports minutes before you start teaching.
Post-instruction Assessment

Post-Instruction Assessment

Did users actually learn anything? Can you demonstrate the value, statistically, of library instruction? Create a post-instruction assessment survey and repeat some of the questions you asked in the Pre-Instruction Survey. 

Run a Cross-Dataset Report to determine if learning occurred:

  • Did library-led instruction increase confidence?
  • Did library-led instruction increase knowledge of library resources?
  • Did library-led instruction increase skills for a specific task, e.g., résumé writing? 

Slice & Dice Your Data

What is your data telling you? Run filtered reports and slice your data into manageable pieces.

  • Uncover Trends. Who knew that 55% of attendees already knew how to use the catalog?
  • Recognize Relationships. 75% of users felt confident about avoiding plagiarism post-instruction.
  • Identify Gaps. Lecture-style sessions only received a 1.5 average user rating compared to hands-on workshops.
  • Discover Opportunities. 66% of users who attended a session indicated that they'd like to attend another one.
LibInsight Chart

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Your data is trying to tell you something, but are you listening? Use the power of your data to make changes in your library's instruction program!


  • Hone Content -  Only 45% of users don't know how to use the Catalog ⇒ create a 5min video and email it to attendees before class and save class time for something else. 
  • Co-Teaching Works - Sessions with at least 2 librarians yielded a higher rating than sessions with only one librarian. 
  • Prep Time Matters - At least 30min of prep time yielded a high feedback rating.