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September 2015

LibAnswers v2 - Recent Updates

July 24th, 2015 Update

LibChat Updates

  • Emoticons - Add smileys to your chat interactions with patrons by clicking on the emoticon image on the chat pane. Or, if you're into keyboard shortcuts, simply type it out and it will be auto-translated.
    • - Bonus: Patrons can also send emoticons using keyboard shortcuts!
  • Updated Canned Message UI - The canned message drop-down has been redone, so finding your canned reply is faster and better than ever.
  • Wait Time Stats - View how long, on average, patrons are waiting before their chat is answered. 

LibAnswers Updates

  • Last Replied - Ever click an open ticket and realize that you were the last person to respond? Well, we've updated the dashboard views so you'll always know who was the last person to respond (you or the patron) on any ticket. 
LibChat Emoticons
  • Preview Images - Preview images in tickets and chats without having to download them. 
  • Reference Analytics Prompts - Do your colleagues forget to fill out their Ref. Analytics data before answering a ticket or chat? With our new prompts, you can remind staffers to fill out the form first. To turn it on, Admins head over to Admin > System Settings > General and scroll to the new Ref Analytics Setting area.