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September 2015

LibGuides v2 - Recent Updates

September 2nd, 2015 Update

LTI Updates

We made some major updates to the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Functionality. Just to recap, LTI allows you to integrate your LibGuides content into any LTI-compliant LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc.). Read more about LTI-integration and watch a video here.

  • E-Reserves Courses (Available to E-Reserves Subscribers): Embed a course from your LibGuides E-Reserves module right into a course site. Course readings are right where they need to be!
  • LTI Smart Search (LibGuides CMS Subscribers Only): An automated function, where a field in your LMS is related to a Metadata field in your LibGuides system and the LTI tool does the rest of the work: matches the two fields and returns the right guide link(s) to your LMS. There’s even a Failover URL option – if there are no matches to guides in your system, users will still see a useful page vs. a 404 error.

    This function allows LMS Administrators to add the tool to the base course shell, so it’s added to all courses, without any additional work on their part. On the part of the librarians / guide authors, all you need to do is add the proper Metadata information to your guides, and voilà! They’re automagically pulled into the appropriate class(es) in your LMS.
    >> Read more about the LTI Smart Search

Internal Discussion Boards (LibGuides CMS Only)

Ever need a place to have a convo about your LibGuides system or even a guide and end up having it in email? Email no more! With Internal Discussion Boards, you get:

  • one system-level board that all account holders have access to, so you can have those internal discussions,
  • and one guide-level board for each guide in your system, where folks who have access to the guide can talk about things relating to that guide!

This is fantastic for the Publishing Workflow or for guide convos in general – instead of having to have conversations about the guide via email, you can have it in the guide’s Discussion Board!

Discussions can be marked as Questions, too, so you can ask questions and mark the Best Answer from the replies you receive. On Discussions that aren’t marked as Questions, you can mark a reply as Helpful, making it stand out on the page. Opt-in for email notifications to follow a Discussion and always be in the know on new replies -- even if you don’t comment on the thread itself!

Discussion Boards Best Answer

E-Reserves Updates

  • E-Reserves Widget: Embed your E-Reserve Courses onto *any* webpage!
  • Item Sorting: Sort folders, items in folders, by title, ignoring initial articles (a, an, the).
  • Delete Requests: Delete individual requests.
  • Settings: Display Courses, Instructor, etc. for your E-Reserves Search Page.

Other Additions & Modifications

  • Asset Sorting: Sort books, links, databases,documents... and it ignores initial articles (a, an, the) to boot!
  • Language Options Labels: We added labels for the "All" filter on the A-Z page, "View More Results" in Widgets, and everything on the E-Reserves form.
reordering assets
  • Access LibGuides v1 Stats: View older LibGuides v1 Stats (monthly stats, prior to July 1st, 2012) and filter on Publication Status.
  • FontAwesome Updates: We're now running the FontAwesome 4.4 Library.


  • A-Z page filters are no longer blank on mobile devices.
  • Subject & Tag links in the guide info pane (on the homepage list of guides) now work properly.
  • Email Me Label: Label updates everywhere when changed in Language Options area.
  • Add Box / Add to Group was adding to the bottom rather than the chosen location. It now adds to the proper location.
  • Statistics:
    • Regular level account users can now see page referrers.
    • Regular & Editor level users can now get to E-Reserves stats.
  • Templates: content_box_boxID keyword no longer displays on all pages when set to only display on the homepage.
  • E-Reserves: “Related Guides” box only shows Published guides in the list.
  • Guide Editors (CMS fix): If the guide is in a group and you add a guide editor who does not (yet) have access to that group, the process of adding them as a Guide Editor also adds them to the group.