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September 2015

LibInsight - Recent Updates

Integrated LibGuides Datasets

LibGuides v2 is now fully integrated with LibInsight. Simply grab your LibGuides ID (LibApps Dashboard) to connect them. Once connected, you'll get:

  • Public Page Views (Homepage Views + Guide Views)
  • User Sessions
  • Guide Counts - As of day dataset is created
LibGuides integration in LibInsight

Interlibrary Loan Datasets

Add you number of Articles & Items borrowed and loaned with customizable reasons for cancelation and the dataset automatically calculates your Fill Rate.

Create a customizable list of Partner Institutions to see with whom you interact most frequently.

interlibrary loan dataset fill rate

Aggregate Data in Circulation & Acquisitions Datasets

Upload and analyze "aggregate" transactions, like monthly circulations stats or monthly acquisitions totals. View total Circ/Acqs per month without having to upload a record for each transaction.

Aggregate Circulation Statistics

E-Journals/Databases & eBooks Datasets - View Files Uploaded

Going forward, all uploaded files will display along with their upload date. This way, you'll be able to check whether it was the JR1 or PR1 file that you uploaded yesterday.

uploads lists

Custom Datasets - Include/Exclude Blank Values

Hey, it happens. Not all fields are filled out when completing a custom dataset form. On the reporting screens, you can now include or exclude null/blank values from displaying. 

Dashboard Collaboration

Sometimes you need to work with others when building your Library's Year-in-Review Dashboard. For each dashboard you build, you can grant permissions to Regular-level users to collaborate with you on creation.

LibInsight Dashboard Collaboration