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September 2015

LibStaffer v2 - Recent Update

August 24th, 2015 Update

New Tools

  • Staff Defined Work Hours – Individual staff members can now define their standard weekly work schedule as part of their LibStaffer profile. This shows your working availability so when admins are scheduling shifts, you won’t be scheduled for shifts when you’re not in the office. You can even define multiple blocks of working hours per day to take lunch and other breaks into account!
LibStaffer Working Hours
  • Schedule-level Administrators – With granular user permissions, site admins can now elevate a regular level user to administer a single schedule (or schedules) within your system. These new permissions mean you can grant administrative oversight over the shifts and users associated with a single schedule, without granting administrative access to the system as a whole.
  • Integration with LibApps Accounts – use the same login to access LibStaffer that you use for accessing all of Springshare’s v2 applications.
  • Outlook Integration – Sync your LibStaffer schedule with your Outlook calendar! Simply authorize the connection to Outlook from within your LibStaffer account, and LibStaffer will push your schedule info to Outlook seamlessly.

Calendar Management Updates

  • Schedule Display Improvements – It's easier for admins to see at a glance which shifts have been given up, which may need coverage, and which have pending swap requests.
  • New Tools Menu – Make bulk changes, easier! Bulk delete shifts and shift assignments – either for a single day, or for a range of future dates, and change all future shift assignments while editing a shift.
  • Auto Scheduler Updates – Limit the number of shifts per day that a staff member can work.
LibStaffer Auto Scheduler
  • Holidays – Admins can define "Holidays", days when the regular schedule doesn’t apply. Holidays are excluded from the Auto Scheduler (so no one is automatically scheduled), and are prominently displayed in all schedule and time off views.
  • Printable Schedules – Schedules you print and post now look fantastic right out of the box.
  • New Timeline Views – Get a high-level overview of staffing and schedules at your library.
  • Set Default Calendar – Each user can choose which schedule they want to see by default.

Time Off Updates

  • View All Time Off – All LibStaffer users can view the approved time off for all staff associated with a schedule! Both admins and regular level users will see a new dropdown menu in the Time Off area, which will enable switching between viewing your own time off, and approved time off for anyone associated with a schedule.
  • Approval Not Required – Site admins can choose to not require administrator approval for new time off requests. Enable/Disable approval by going to Admin > System Settings.
  • Edit & Delete Time Off – Admins and regular level users can delete future time off requests.
LibStaffer Time Off