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SpringyNews: Your Greatest Hits

March 2016

Search LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, and any 3rd Party Tool!

Musical compilations are a great way to hear a known song, in a new light. Our coming soon unified search does the same thing - it compiles results from LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, and other 3rd party tools like your Library Catalog and Discovery System into one unified search.

Search One, And Done

Users won't have to navigate to multiple resources to find information. When the integrated search is configured by your LibApps Admin, searching for "Art" will pull results from:

Power Your Website

Thinking about powering your website using LibGuides CMS? Our new unified search will make your LibGuides CMS website more robust than ever!

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  • All relevant LibGuides
  • A-Z Database List Titles
  • Any applicable LibAnswers FAQs
  • Related events from LibCal

If your admin sets up external search sources via API, the search page can also contain things like:

  • Books & eBooks from your Library Catalog
  • Resources from your Discovery Service

Customizable Layouts, Too

We've even added in a bonus track to our compilation with multiple layout options for your unified search. Choose whether to show results in either Tabbed or Bento - style layouts.

Tabbed Layout

Tabbed Search Layout

Bento Style Layout

Bento style search layout

Setting Up Unified Search - Brief Introduction

When the unified search becomes available, you'll be able to configure your search settings and integrate your 3rd-party tools by going to LibApps > Admin > Manage Search Sources. You must be a LibApps Admin to access this page.

Select your source type, fill in the required fields, and voilà: your unified search is now configured. Use our on-screen help language to walk you through the process and remember to consult with your library IT department for information on 3rd-party APIs. 

In-App Configuration

Once your unified search is set up at the LibApps-level, you'll be able to navigate to LibGuides and LibAnswers and control which sources display and in which layout. 

setting up unified search in libapps

Oh, And It's Free Too!

Great results into one glorious search compilation that comes standard with your Springy licensed tools. So, if you haven't had a chance to look at LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal (or all three!) now's a great time with our new unified search!

The new Unified Search functionality will be released on March 21 (evening EST).