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SpringyNews: Your Greatest Hits

March 2016

LibGuides & Credo - Opportunities for Collaboration

We have been working with our friends at Credo for a few years – one of our joint projects was integrating the Credo search box inside LibGuides.

Recently, our Credo friends approached us with an interesting idea – they have been helping a handful of our common Credo/LibGuides clients with building and maintain their guides. So, they asked us if we thought they could expand this beyond just the handful of their own clients.

With the recent launch of our new LibWizard tool, there are opportunities around creating value-added Tutorials and Assessment modules which could potentially be purchased “ready-made”. So we figured this is a good opportunity to ask our community what they think of this, and other, ideas.

We have a brief survey (made using LibWizard!) that our friends at Credo created.