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SpringyNews: Light the Torch

September 2016

Latest Product Updates

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New LibGuides Search Functionality

  • In-Context Snippets – Search results show snippets of the page where the search term appears.
  • Search Focus on Page vs. Guide – This helps patrons land on the correct page based on their search term rather than guessing what is the most relevant page within the guide based on the search.
  • Faster Guide Edit Indexing – Guide changes are included in the search index within 5 minutes (we are working on getting this down to 1 minute or less).
  • Search within Guides – Restrict your search to individual guides.
  • Search within LibGuides CMS Groups – Search content within groups, with proper access permissions (e.g. internal groups only for logged-in users, etc.).
  • Separate Search Indexes for Local vs. Community – Regardless of what your community-indexing setting is, your local LibGuides search will always work and local content will always be indexed for local searching within your own system.

In the next few months, we’ll unveil document indexing so any uploaded documents in the “Documents & Files” asset type will be indexed for searching.

LibWizard Logo
  • Aug 23, 2016: 1.7.4 Update:
    • Question Bank: Admins! Create a set of questions for your site's question bank for easy reuse system-wide.
    • Reuse Questions: Copy any existing question in the system.
    • Improved Question Grouping: Simplified Question Grouping for applying show/hide rules to a set of questions.
LibAnswers Logo
  • Social Media Management Integration:
    • Social Feed -  Integrate Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts into your social feed for seamless monitoring.
    • Facebook Messenger Live Integration: Live chat with patrons using Facebook Messenger directly from the LibChat operator console. 
    • Twitter Hashtag Tracking: Track up to five Twitter hashtags right in your social feed. 
LibCal Logo
  • Equipment Booking Add-On Module:
    • ​The LibCal Equipment Booking is an optional module to our LibCal platform. Create an attractive, tile-based public catalog to advertise available equipment, so patrons can browse available equipment at a glance. Patrons can reserve multiple items in a single reservation – whether it’s reserving the camera, tripod, and battery pack, or reserving a study room and a projector, a 3-D printer and maker space… Equipment Booking has you covered.