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SpringyNews: Summer DIY Projects

June 2017

Canadian Data Center Coming July 9, 2017 - 10pm EDT

As part of our global data center expansion, we're establishing a new server cluster at the AWS facility in Canada.

Earlier this year, we completed a European data center - so this is phase two in our expansion efforts.

For our Canadian clients who are concerned about their Springshare apps being hosted on US soil, this new data center will alleviate those concerns.

This server cluster is completely independent of our US server cluster, so the data in there will not “cross” into the US. We will announce the Australian and Asian server clusters in the upcoming months, as well.

This is not just for LibGuides but for *all* Springshare v2 apps:

  • LibGuides / LibGuides CMS
  • E-Reserves Module
  • LibAnswers & LibChat
  • LibInsight
  • LibCal
  • LibWizard
  • LibStaffer
  • LibCRM