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SpringyNews: Summer DIY Projects

June 2017

The Art of Data: Analyzing Your Database Holdings Better

July signifies not only the start of the summer, but for many organizations, the start of your fiscal year. 

If you're working on your budget and reassessing your subscription resources - then this webinar is for you!

Join us for a 30min webinar and learn how you can use LibInsight's new Database-level analysis and the LibGuides CMS A-Z Community to measure your Database holdings and performance effectively.

Learn How To...

LibInsight: Individual Database Analysis

  • Import database-Level Usage Statistics (DB1 reports) and analyze reports.
  • Upload licenses and invoices for cost data analysis.
  • Analyze per-database data, including cost-per-use for your invoice line items.

LibGuides CMS: A-Z Community
Coming July, 2017

  • Run peer comparisons on database holdings to identify gaps in subject coverage.
  • See which databases are popular, best bets, etc., across the LibGuides community.
  • Share and reuse database descriptions, browse reviews, and more!
Computer monitor graphic with graphs and charts

What's LibInsight?
5min Overview Video