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SpringyNews: Summer DIY Projects

June 2017

Recent Product Updates

LibAuth Groups
  • Authenticate LibGuides E-Reserves & LibCal,
    June 13, 2017
    - Enable authentication of LibGuides E-Reserves to students / faculty using LibAuth Groups
    - Limit LibCal room bookings to a specific user-group, like faculty
    - Enable LibAuth for My Scheduler

libguides link checker screenshot
  • LibGuides Link Checker Overhaul, May 10, 2017
    - Runs continually rather than once a week
    - Dismiss links from report
    - Add domain exclusions
    - More Features:
        -- Export & Upload A-Z Databases with same file
        -- A-Z Assets Write API (CMS Only)
LibCal Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Sharing & More! June 9, 2017
    - Share new calendar events to Facebook & Twitter
    - More features:
       -- Better search for repeating events
       -- Language options for Equipment & Spaces
       -- My Scheduler users can override their own free/busy timeslots
       -- Print a Space's bookings
       -- New Spaces kiosk view for digital signage

create libcal event from spaces booking
  • More Updates to Equipment & Spaces Module,
    May 9, 2017
    - *Free* migration from Room Bookings to Spaces
    - Mediate Equipment Bookings
    - Friendly URLs for Categories & Locations
    - Reserve & Check-Out equipment in 2 clicks
    - More Features:
       -- Add Setup/Teardown padding to events
       -- Create an event from a Space reservation

libinsight cost data
  • More LibInsight Updates, Jun 8, 2017
    - Database & eBook Invoice Line-Items
    - Cost-per-use Statistics for Databases in DB1 reports
    - Dashboards:
       -- Chart related Counts Dataset activities side-by-side in a single Dashboard graph
    - Easily find and reuse Springshare dataset templates
    - Custom Dataset widget submit button options

libinsight database level reports
  • Database-Level Stats (DB1 Reports), May 9, 2017
    - Upload DB1 reports for granular, database-specific analytics
    - Attach invoices to your E-Resources platforms, including date, coverage dates, amount, and attachments.
    - More Features:
       -- More dashboard time-period options
       -- SUSHI support for ProQuest eBooks Central
libanswers email and sms triggers
  • LibAnswers 2.1.4 Update, May 10, 2017
    - Custom Email/SMS alerts to manage emergencies. Setup Triggers when:
       -- # of Tickets arrive in a short amount of time
       -- When any ticket arrives with specific keywords (i.e., Outage, Emergency)
    - Periodic email reminders to ticket owners about unanswered or unclaimed tickets
    - Virus scanning on file attachments

Amazing Product Features Coming Down the Pike!

Search the Entire LibWizard Community!

Exciting news for LibWizard fans, the LibWizard community site is coming soon! The new community site will be loosely based on our current LibGuides community site ( It will make it super easy to search and browse for LibWizard content - including forms, surveys, quizzes and assessments - at institutions who choose to share, to help inspire your own creations!

Databases A-Z Community
LibGuides CMS Only

  • Run peer comparisons on database holdings to identify gaps in subject coverage.
  • See which databases are popular, best bets, etc., across the entire LibGuides Databases A-Z community.
  • Share and reuse database descriptions, browse reviews, and more!
Database A-Z Community

Analyze Holdings
LibGuides CMS Only

A dedicated A-Z Analyze Holdings page gives you several ways to review your database holdings, each in its own box. The first box provides you with an overall summary of your holdings, including:

Summary Analysis

Subject Analysis

Vendor Analysis

A-Z Items Analysis

  • Total number of databases in your A-Z List.
  • Total number of trial, new, and popular databases.
  • Total number of databases assigned to subjects.
  • Total number of vendors in your database list.
  • The ratio of active (aka "visible") to hidden databases.
  • View database distribution by subject category.
  • Identify subjects that may not be sufficiently covered by your current database subscriptions.
  • View database distribution by vendor.
  • Provides a quick, at-a-glance overview of the vendors represented most/least in your collection. 
  • View a title-level analysis of your database holdings. 
  • Displays items currently in your A-Z List.
  • Filterable by New, Trial, Popular. 
  • Search and sort by database title and vendor. 

OER Functionality in LibGuides

We'll soon be offering the ability to compile, curate, and publish OER content within LibGuides.

Write APIs for *all* Springshare Apps

Enable your in-house developers to create exciting apps and functionality to turn LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, and LibCRM into data and content repositories, letting you distribute this data and content from our apps to anywhere, at the point-of-need.

Currently Available

  • LibGuides v2 A-Z List - Update and add to your database A-Z list with information from your 3rd party A-Z tool. 
  • LibCal v2 Equipment & Spaces - Create bookings for Equipment and Spaces via any 3rd party application.
  • LibInsight Custom & Gate Count Datasets - Populate your Custom or Gate Count datasets more spreadsheet uploads!

We will expand Write APIs based on users’ feedback. Let us know what you want the Write APIs to do, and we’ll put it on the to-do list.

  1. What Write APIs Do You Want?

We're Adding in 'Logic'

Admins will be able to define input parameters for the auto-scheduling functionality. For example:

  • Talia should not be scheduled for back-to-back shifts. 
  • Slaven should only be scheduled on Mon, Wed, Fri.
  • Sarah should not work more than 3 shifts/week. 

We're Improving the Widget Builder!

We're going to make it easier and faster for you to build and style your LibChat widgets.

Plus, we're adding in the ability to:

  • Include Profile pictures in LibChat widgets
  • Further customize the entry form
  • Follow-up via email about the chat experience