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SpringyNews: Return of the Student

August 2017

Recent Product Updates

LibGuides Databases A to Z page statistics
  • LibGuides Accessibility Updates & More
    Aug 17, 2017
    - Several accessibility updates to public pages, E-Reserves request form, and gallery boxes
    - New LibApps area for managing your domains
    - Upload a security certificate to enable HTTPS for your LibGuides site with a custom domain
    - A-Z Database Page statistics

LibGuides CMS A to Z community list
  • LibGuides A-Z Community Analysis & More
    July 13, 2017
    - Connect your A-Z list to the community (CMS Only)
    - Perform subject analysis of your A-Z list (CMS Only)
    - Search and access the A-Z Community (CMS Only)
    - Create blog widgets for system or guide-level blogs

LibCal Customizable Color Grid
  • LibCal Equipment Accessibility Update
    Aug 9, 2017
    - Equipment grid now displays better on mobile devices
    - Setup LibAuth rules on category-level and individual-level items
    - Category-level mediators and visibility settings
    - Availability grid customizable via color picker

LibCal Booking Form Question Bank
  • LibCal 2.9 Update - Equipment Bookings
    July 7, 2017
    - Category-level and individual-level booking forms
    - Booking form question bank and see which questions are being used where
    - Create calendar widgets pulling from multiple calendars

Spaces in LibCal
  • LibCal Spaces Accessibility Update
    July 24, 2017
    - Spaces grid now displays better on mobile devices
    - Info button is now accessible and mobile-friendly
    - Availability legend is coded to be a real legend
    - Book details now presented in a grid for better mobile layout

select all filter for queues
  • LibAnswers Update
    August 16, 2017
    - Knowledge Base Explorer: Queues filter has 'Select All' option
    - Ticketing Answer Page: When searching for tags, results sorted by popularity
    - Small bug fixes, mainly for the Systems Status Management Tool

New LibChat Operator Screen
  • LibAnswers 2.15 - Redesigned Chat Widgets
    July 6, 2017
    - Setup a LibChat profile picture
    - Prompt patrons for contact information
    - Send patrons link to your My Scheduler right from the chat
    - Enjoy the new customizable floating widget
    - Updates to the LibAnswers dashboard
    - Log yourself out of other locations
    - Left/Right side messaging similar to text-message layout
    - Ratings & Comments updates and changes

More Exciting Features Coming Down The Pike!

Exciting news for LibWizard fans, the LibWizard community site is coming soon! The new community site will be loosely based on our current LibGuides community site ( It will make it super easy to search and browse for LibWizard content - including forms, surveys, quizzes and assessments - at institutions who choose to share, to help inspire your own creations!

Admins will be able to define input parameters for the auto-scheduling functionality. For example:

  • Talia should not be scheduled for back-to-back shifts. 
  • Slaven should only be scheduled on Mon, Wed, Fri.
  • Sarah should not work more than 3 shifts/week. 
  • Support for images for Twitter and social media.
  • Redesigned interface for LibChat operators.
  • Support for custom domains to upload your own security certificates.
  • Patron accounts functionality - patrons can see their checkout history, extend reservations, and more.
  • Set and assess charges for room usage and event attendance.
  • Improved statistics by user type.
  • Support for custom domains to upload your own security certificates.
  • Support for custom domains to upload your own security certificates for LibCal and LibAnswers sites.
  • Ability to create LibApps patron accounts via LibAuth.