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Keep Calm...and Carry a Wand!


This edition of SpringyNews is designed to make your skin crawl... with Spooktacular Ideas!


Our Fangtastic LibGuides Tips & Tricks delivers spells for making your content boo'tiful. Hey, if you've got it, haunt it!

In this edition of Musings by Springy Rachel, she's got a bucket-full of Tricks AND Treats for Using Springy Tools to Enhance Teamwork. #SquadGhouls.

If the recent Chrome 62 update has your hair turning white, we've got you covered with our HTTPS/SSL Updates for all Springy Tools.

And, we have a ton of Recent and Upcoming Updates for you to explore!

Springshare's been waiting
for just such a night.
To send out SpringyNews
full of Mischief and Frights!

Happy Halloween!

The Springshare Team

Springshare LogoSpringy Updates

Nov 7 - Springshare's heading to the Charleston Vendor Showcase. Booth #41, Charleston, SC.

SpringyCamp Summer Series - Watch SpringyCamp User Conference 2017 Summer Series Recordings.

LibGuides v1 Retiring 1/31/18 - On January 31, 2018, LibGuides v1 servers will be retired. Your v1 site will automatically be updated to v2.

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To get rid of the spider, wake up the bat! Code, courtesy of the amazing Scott Salzman at Furman University Library.

PS: All of this was accomplished using LibGuides CMS - and you can do it too!