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5 Tricks For Enhancing Teamwork Using Springy Treats

If you thought Springshare was only for users, read on! These teamwork tricks & treats are designed for maximizing your awesome library staff power.

Who needs circles of trust exercises when you've got Springy power in your pocket?

libanswers logoLibAnswers

  • Trick: Create a custom private set of internal Staff FAQ's
    • Tired of all those multiple reference handbooks? Try the staff private FAQ's in LibAnswers ;)
    • What about staff much paper! Not anymore. Staff can read all about their new jobs and duties in this private FAQ collection!
    • Stop the information out-of-date madness! When it's in a private FAQ, your staff can help keep it up-to-date. Share the workload, harness the collective hive-mind.
staff internal libchat

libcal logoLibCal

  • Trick: Create a a private staff training calendar with all the needed webinars and training sessions on which folks need to stay up-to-date.
    • Use the event registration record to see who took what and when. This is super-helpful documentation needed for quarterly staff reviews! 
  • Treat: Use LibCal 'Send Event Announcement' to alert patrons / faculty / teachers / board members that their event or faculty-requested instruction session has been scheduled, and where to sign up. Check off those staff objectives as done! Boo-ya!
libcal event announcement

libwizard logoLibWizard

  • Trick: ​Use LibWizard tutorials and surveys for on-boarding new hires. 
    • Use those custom-generated reports for documenting objectives accomplished by staff!
    • Use the survey to rate what was done and where to make improvements for the next new hires. 
  • Treat: Create a custom on-boarding tutorial that walks new employees through your library website, online resources, and internal staff guides. Be sure to add the internal LibAnswers FAQ's to that tutorial ;)
ready reference libwizard quiz

libinsight logoLibInsight

  • Trick: Use custom dashboards to share quarterly reports! Set up the dashboards for your staff departments so they stay up-to-date. ;)
  • Treat: Help your staff help...well, you! Create custom LibInsight widgets where they can add data at the drop of a hat. Get rid of those tally mark entries on scrap paper and embed your Libinsight widgets on restricted LibGuides, internal FAQ's or wherever your staff go to get their daily informational updates.

I'm a Working LibInsight Widget!
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libstaffer logoLibStaffer

  • Trick: Create a Staff Development Day schedule and assign staff to the needed shifts! No more holes in the afternoon activities when you've got LibStaffer on the job. 
  • Treat: Staff can now designate their own “Favorite” shifts, so everyone can volunteer to work the shifts they like best! Schedule admins will find this setting under 
    • Admin > Schedule Settings > Modify Schedule > Allow Staff to mark shifts as favorite?
LibStaffer Scheduling for Staff Development Day