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SpringyNews: Break the Febru'weary Cycle

February 2018

Recent Product Updates

LibAuth supports uploading authorized values
  • LibAuth Updates & Language Customizations
    Jan 30, 2018
    - LibAuth supports uploading authorized values
    - Additional customizable language keys
    - API response changes (LibGuides CMS only)
    - E-Reserves Module updates
    - Regular accounts can edit database assets they own
    - LTI Statistics Instances page loads fast!

  • EReserves Search, LibAuth Patron Login & More!
    Dec 21, 2017
    - E-Reserves now supports item-level search
    - E-Reserves 'savable' page URLs
    - Log into LibApps patron accounts with LibAuth
    - LibAuth Setup Wizard for InCommon / UK Federation members
  • 2-Way Exchange Sync for Spaces & More Features
    Jan 30, 2018
    - Redesigned Equipment & Spaces pages includes improved navigation, reduction in 'clutter', category selections 'stick' between tabs, simplified look for check in / out, and improved on-screen help
    - 2-way sync between Spaces and GCal / Exchange
    - New 'All Locations' view for Spaces

  • Hours Module Improvements & Email Digests
    Dec 21, 2017
    - New daily Hours widget type
    - Universal exceptions across all departments & locations
    - Mediated Spaces & Equipment email digest
    - New setting: limit to X number of reservations at a single time.

  • Event Templates + Redesigned Event Management
    Dec 21, 2017
    - Redesign event management screens
    - Confirm attendance and add event notes
    - View user event registration history
    - Send rich-text emails with text formatting and images
    - Create event templates for easy reuse
  • Patron Contact Cards & Improved Email Search
    Jan 31, 2018

    View the full context of a patron's conversations across all channels. Patron contact cards combine different channels a single patron might use - including 2 unique email addresses, an SMS number, a Twitter handle, and Facebook profile into one Contact Card.

  • New iFrame Chat Functionality
    Dec 22, 2017

    Avoid losing a patron with the new iFrame chat! Patrons will see an option to launch chat in an iFrame. When clicked, this will relaunch the page they're currently viewing in an iFrame, with the current chat session overlaid on top.
  • Match Institutional Branding with Chart Colors
    Dec 19, 2017

    Customize your LibInsight charts to match your organization’s official color palette, or customize Dashboards per review period or project.
    Define your custom colors at the system-wide level and you’ll see them in your dataset analysis charts, cross-dataset analysis, and dashboards.

    Admin > System Settings > Color Chart Palette

Upcoming Updates

We're adding the ability to Search & Replace E-Reserves content.

We're adding a bunch of functionality to the Database A-Z Asset type:

  • Expiry dates for New/Trial labels.
  • User-defined fields.
  • Custom ordering of Best Bets.

We're adding granular permissions for who appears on Profile pages - allowing this page to be used as a staff directory.

If you're using LDAP, CAS, Shibboleth, SIP2, Active Directory, or another authentication tool, you'll be able to connect that to LibAuth and route LibGuides access through an authentication layer.

For LibAnswers and LibCal users on a custom domain, we're going to automate the Let's Encrypt process so you can automatically get your free Let's Encrypt security certificate without having to contact our support team.

2-way sync between Exchange / Google calendars and LibCal spaces is being rolled out soon! Our new integration will keep your reservations in sync, no matter where a booking request originates. And your LibCal platform will become a go-to place to get awesome statistics on the usage of your spaces and equipment, no matter where the reservations are made. If you’d like to assist us with the final stages of testing Exchange integration (because we want to make sure we cover all different Exchange versions/scenarios) please emails us at Once we are confident that Exchange sync is working for these early testers, we’ll release it for everyone i.e. every LibCal system will have 2-way Exchange sync enabled.

A complete redesign of the LibChat operator screen that will enable you to juggle multiple chats at once and include stronger operator-to-operator features for more internal use.

If staffers need to give up part of a shift but not the whole thing, they can split their shift in two and only give up the part they need coverage for.

We're hoping to add SUSHI support for Lexis/Nexis users.