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SpringyNews: I Didn't Know That!

August 2018

How Often Have You Heard, "I Didn't Know You Had That?!"

Libraries often find that the most common piece of feedback they get revolves around the phrase "I didn’t know that." It's a common reaction from patrons when learning about the library's services or in-house resources.

What "I didn't know that" demonstrates is that one of the single biggest challenges libraries face is also an age-old one... keeping patrons informed and aware of all the many wonderful things that the library makes available to them.

In this vein, and in solidarity, we're using this idea for the August 2018 edition of SpringyNews. Like your patrons, there are some Springy-related services/resources that cause our clients to say, "oh, I didn't know that!", so we're pointing out some great features and options available to you!

We took a deep dive into LibGuides and found some Under the Radar features you may not know about. We worked backwards, starting with the statistical end-result, and shared some tips for Successful Data-Mining of your LibAnswers, LibCal, LibWizard, LibStaffer, and LibInsight Tools that hopefully will prevent you from saying, "I wish I had known that sooner".

We read articles on the success of Proactive Chat on User Engagement, and thought to ourselves..."wonder if our Springy users know about this", so we're making sure you do. User engagement is important across services, so we love to share all the tips we can on how to extend your reach and engage more of your patrons!

Like our Academic and School librarians who are facing an influx of brand-new students getting oriented to the library, we're also conducting an orientation of our own. Like you, we had summer projects, and one of those projects was a makeover of our product documentation & training resources. So come on an orientation tour with us, and learn about some new Springshare Support Services you may have missed.

Lastly, it wouldn't be a Springy summer without tons of new product features and updates. Take a minute to recap Product Updates you may have missed and Upcoming Updates coming down the pike.

We hope you enjoy this edition of SpringyNews, and for our Academic and School Librarians just beginning their academic years, just remember to keep calm & Springy on.

-- The Springshare Team