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SpringyNews: It's Your Move to Make

October 2018

Tell Your Story and Market the Library... At the Same Time

There's a common misconception that marketing is push, push, push. Pushing information in front of users' eyes. Pushing new resources and services via email or social media. Pushing flyers, or sign-up sheets, or the newsletter. Push. Push. Push.

And while that method yields results and can be impactful, time has shown us that the most effective marketing and promotional strategies are not push... they're pull. Providing the hook that gets a potential user interested and then allowing that user to 'reel themselves in'.

Setting up a pull marketing strategy doesn't mean that you just sit back and wait for patrons to come to you. It all boils down to being proactive. Taking the first step. Opening the door, showing patrons what's on the other side, and then allowing them the space and incentive to walk through.

In this vein, this edition of SpringyNews focuses on Making the First Move.

We looked at LibGuides with fresh eyes to share some tips that help you hone and refine your LibGuides 'Voice'. Editor's note: it helps that we have some new Springys on board that brought some dewy-eyed freshness into Springy HQ. Speaking of fresh-faced Springys, we know that libraries are always hiring new staffers. So, we shared some tips for using LibStaffer Workflows to Promote Your Positions.

At its very core, marketing is fundamentally sharing. To that end, we've shared some of our best examples of how you can use other Springy Tools to Start Springshare-ing. And taking a page from our own marketing advice, we've decided to add a new regular article to our newsletter as a way to proactively share the resources we've created...for you! Introducing The WatchList! Our list of recommended videos to add to your own must-see watch list.

And with Halloween right around the corner, it wouldn't be a Springy Newsletter without some product treats! (No tricks, we promise!) Take a minute to recap recent Product Updates and get ready for Upcoming Updates coming down the pike.

We hope you enjoy this edition of SpringyNews...and if you're planning on dressing up for Halloween next week, send us pics of your costume! @Springshare on Twitter or Facebook.

Ghoulishly Yours,

-- The Springshare Team