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SpringyNews: It's Your Move to Make

October 2018

Ready. Set. Share!

There's a reason that one of the earliest lessons we are taught in life is how to share. The fundamental principle that holds libraries up is the importance of community, of allowing everyone the same access to information -- with the hope of expanding knowledge for the greater good.

Libraries have also been tasked with keeping up with technology. While you all might be acquiring new tools, it's not only important to learn how to use them, it's also good practice to learn the best ways to let patrons know what is now available to them. Share the new possibilities! Here are some ideas.

LibStaffer - Share the Schedules!

LibStaffer, designed to help you schedule your team for work, is typically thought of as an internal tool.

The Public Calendar Page - Want to share a LibStaffer Schedule? You can! Every schedule has the option of creating a friendly URL. This creates a public Schedule page. Share the URL and people can see the schedule without having to log in to the LibStaffer system.

This public Schedule page is set to tell search engines not to index it, so you can share the schedule only with those who need it. Your general community should not see it in search engine results lists.

Admin > Schedule Settings > Edit Schedule > Schedule Settings tab​

LibWizard LogoLibWizard - Ask for Extra Helpings of Feedback!

LibWizard has four useful components -- one of which is the survey. You can make unlimited surveys, and while there are a large variety of possibilities, using this feature to gather feedback is certainly one of the most popular.

What This Says About You - How does gathering feedback fit into the idea of sharing what's newly possible there at your library? When you go out of your way to ask your students, patrons, faculty, etc. what they think -- and even better, what they want -- you're effectively sharing the responsibility.

You're letting them know that the library is what we ALL make of it. You can ask for feedback at the bottom of your answer pages in LibAnswers FAQs. You can attach feedback survey links in the follow-up emails in LibCal for events or instruction sessions. And so much more. Our ideas in this newsletter are about "letting people know," so let them know you care. Just remember -- they'll only believe you if you're really listening. So don't forget to follow up on the feedback.

LA LibAnswers - Publicize Your SMS/Texting Number and Keywords.

People are addicted to their phones. The phone is acting as watch, television, alarm clock, computer, movie theater, calendar, grocery list, camera and more. It's no wonder people are rarely without their trusty companions. The LibAnswers Platform comes with an SMS number, which is certainly convenient as more and more people prefer to text than call.

Give Out Your Digits - There are many ways to publicize your SMS/Texting number.

  • Share it with every attendee in your Orientation sessions (or attendees in ALL of your instruction sessions). Give them a minute to add the library's SMS number as a contact.
  • Add the number on your scratch paper pads.
  • Make little table tents for all the tables and study carrels with the number on them.
  • Add it to your webpages.

The important thing is to get it into their phones. Just do it. Soon you will be getting texts, which you can answer from within the LibAnswers system.

Create a 'WELCOME' Keyword that auto-responds with important library information including contact info, hours of operation, and address. Tell patrons to text 'WELCOME' to your SMS Number to get that auto-response reply...and get into their messages list.

LibCal - Share Room Info via iPads & Digital Signage Devices.

LibCal has a Spaces/Room booking feature that is incredibly useful while still being easy to use. Did you know that LibCal works on iPads and also with Digital Signage equipment?

Tech Squared - Libraries are handling room bookings in many different ways today. We've heard stories that range from old-school pen and paper organizing to using mounted iPads or Digital Signage devices that are on the wall outside the room or set of rooms to inform users about the availability of the room(s). To see how LibCal plays well with such tech, click on the images below to check out blog posts written about both cases! Use of tech like this is an excellent way to advertise that the rooms are bookable. Even if they miss it in an announcement, a simple stroll past the rooms themselves will let them know it's possible because of the impact of such "signage."

LibCal Spaces has GCal and Exchange 2-way sync! If you have touchscreen panels, like Room Wizard or Creston Panels, you can use 2-way Exchange/GCal sync to display real time room availability and allow for booking!

Booking a room using LibCal mounted on iPads at Duke University
Digital Signage at Hull University using LibCal Calendar Widgets

LibInsight LogoLibInsight - Winning with Widgets.

LibInsight is our big data tool designed to store all your data to help you to look for possible correlations, examine year-over-year results, and more. But some may not know that you don't have to enter all the data yourselves! You can use datasets to collect patron feedback data, set up as a survey that gets shared via the LibInsight Widgets!

Which Widget Will It Be? - You can create in-page iframe widgets, side-button widgets, URL-based widgets, and the popular embeddable pop-up widget. You build them and then decide where you want to put them. Sit back and watch the submissions roll in. The data will be in your LibInsight system for you to analyze as you wish.

Admin > Widgets & APIs​