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SpringyNews: It's Your Move to Make

October 2018

In this Issue:

Upcoming Events

Create Your WatchList... of Springy Videos!

Here at Springshare, we're all about recording our conference guest presenters, SpringyCamp virtual conferences, webinar training sessions, and even our new Brunch & Learn sessions.

With all these videos, you might wonder where you should start. 

To that end, we're introducing a brand-new page to the newsletter -- the Springy WatchList! View our list of recommendations that you should add to your own WatchList. Some might be new, some might be oldies-but-goodies, but all of them communicate invaluable and helpful information.

The WatchList: Advertising, Communicating, & Promoting

This edition of SpringyNews focuses on being proactive, sharing, and taking the first step.

So, it's only fitting that these Springy Recommendations focus on just that. Check out our video picks that focus on helping you reach more customers.

ALA 2018 Guest Speaker

#TrendingNow: Using LibGuides to Promote Current Events
Sally Stieglitz, Adelphi Univ.
Duration: 18min (Audio gets clearer at 3:46 mark)

Brunch & Learn

Using LibCal to Improve Student Tutoring Services
Nichelle Mack, Baptist College of Health Sciences
Duration: 45min

Springy Buzz Video

Proactive LibChat Helps You Reach More Users
Michael Epstein, Univ. of San Diego
Duration: 36min

SpringyCamp 2017

​LibGuides Redesign Project Enhances Liaison Librarian Outreach Efforts
Alice Kalinowski, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Duration: 27min

Springy Training Session

Best Practices for Social Media in Springy Products
Learn how to monitor, respond, and promote on social media.
Duration: 35min

Springy Buzz Video

Using LibCal to Amplify Your Outreach Efforts
Create social media friendly events and natively announce them.
Duration: 26min


Looking to add to your own WatchList? Check out our A-Z list of Springy videos!