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SpringyNews: Putting the NEW in News

December 2018

Bold NEW Wish-List Additions to Your Springyverse!

When you think of the Springy newsletter, you may not always expect it to be focused on what's NEW, per se. It's meant to be a digest. A place for us to gather and highlight some of the recent updates, share tips, and even elaborate on interesting uses for our tools.

Plus, this is the last month of the year. For many, the weather has changed and it's darker earlier. It can easily become about soups and slowing down if we let it. So, why is Springshare all about shiny trumpets and jazz hands right now?!?

Because we have some show-stopping, cherry-on-top topping, get out some corn for popping -- truly new news!

You heard me! This edition of SpringyNews focuses on Putting the NEW in News.

The LibGuides Tips & Tricks is fearless and focused on New Year's Resolutions to help you kick down the doors to 2019 and make it amazing. From getting organized to managing stress, it's a great read for work and life at home.

Before you continue reading, make sure you've got snacks because you won't be getting up for a while -- as you'll learn about our very own Baby New Year... LibCRM. This brand new solution is making its official debut in 2019, but you can learn about its uses and take a tour right in this newsletter! Think you've seen enough? You haven't seen anything yet! LibAnswers is going to solve that -- by bringing you Screensharing! Very soon, you'll be able to enjoy sharing your screen with your patrons, webinars and virtual meetings with this spectacular new feature. Paying attention will be easy, but guess what else just got easier? Paying the library -- for rooms and events -- with LibCal's new e-commerce component built natively into the system!

Your team will be clamoring to try all of the NEW things in the Springyverse. Why not organize their requests with the new LibStaffer Workflow Forms? Play around with our live, interactive examples. You can get your WatchList on with some new recommends and, finally, as a little cool down from all the excitement, check out the Recent & Upcoming Updates page.

Who doesn't love the promise of shiny new tech? This SpringyNews edition is your peek into the very, very near future with a brand new solution and features you must have now! We hope it makes you feel giddy to read it. Share your excitement with us @Springshare on Twitter or Facebook.

All the Happiest,

-- The Springshare Team